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Stop procrastinating your entrance exam prep. These entrance exam flashcards have been curated by other students and teachers, some of whom have partnered with Brainscape so that we can offer you 'Certified' flashcard collections. Our test prep tips will give you the advice to help you prepare like you never thought possible for your exam. 

Even though Brainscape HQ is in the United States, as you can see, we offer a wide variety of pre-made flashcard classes for entrance exams you'd take no matter what part of the world you live in. And we add more every day! 

Whatever exam you're preparing for, you're likely to find Brainscape flashcards that can help! If you don't, be sure you create your own flashcards so that you can use our science-backed spaced repetition algorithm to get the most out of every study session. Allowing you to study smarter, not harder, and making it possible to rise to your challenge. 

Be sure to check out our guides on test-taking strategies and the best foods to eat before a test. Now get back to what you came here for in the first place and study!