How Educators Use Brainscape

Set up a class page in seconds

Your students will be able to access it via any web or mobile device

Prepare smart flashcards

You can make your own flashcards, borrow flashcards created by other educators, or even have your students create them!

Track your students' progress

Assign studying or flashcard creation as “homework”; analyze students' study habits and identify weaknesses

Engage Your Students

Brainscape's educator dashboards give you control of student data and participation.

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What Educators Are Saying

Ryan 6c213a7bed1dd9f78c0da971ba3ce3503c1288603a8e0adb67a0be48ce3ffc2f

Without much effort my colleague introduced Brainscape during this Bio lesson, and before long the students were deeply engaged in learning

— Ryan de Roo, Life Sciences Teacher
Scott d1b2deabfd050896c7acf38b7c310ff023eb528dd3d01c73fb88de838240aaab

Brainscape is probably the most significant change in our seminary students' study habits since the widespread use of the laptop!

— Father Scott Hastings, Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome)

Vrishali d2bccf5370a26f0169740dd20caa1374916773d8bff9e26e1dc0b63f070a8539

The ease of use—and my students give good feedback,on how helpful it is for them to learn anatomy

— Dr. Vrishali K, Medical School Professor

Sandra aaa0fd65fc5c121cf305f4e1efba837ffc1cf07011fb0751bb28a8eb2fb67ac9

They use Quizlet for playing word games, but for better learning we're now using Brainscape.

— Sandra P, History Teacher

Alexis 391db5a9b3ba6d5079e63109f19b78b229003c03c500171123836f9b15f3656e

The learning algorithm may be even smarter than Anki's—and it's much more fun and easy to use.

— Alexis R, Biology Professor
Jason 22612674855f4129283e0014b1aac7ba28f5d3f5a2e49acfade02ed22d37bc35

My students share our own cards in Brainscape aligned to my curriculum, but your (Brainscape's) complete French subject is the best.

— Jason D, French Professor

Proven learning outcomes

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