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Why Brainscape is different.

Brainscape's adaptive spaced repetition system outperforms other study apps because we push students on their weaknesses. Over 90% of classes using Brainscape make significant gains in test scores.

it works.

Make flashcards together. Or individually.

Brainscape allows teachers to organize "decks", add images & sounds, and manage students' editing permissions.

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You may also use flashcards created by others. Search millions of classes authored by other Brainscape users for a convenient head start for almost any subject.

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No matter if your students are studying in a web browser or in the Brainscape mobile app, you can easily track their study progress and identify areas for improvement.

Brainscape for e-learning.

Privately resell your content // Monetize your flashcards // Provide flashcards to your customers.

What educators are saying.

student assignments.

  • Individual flashcard creation

    Make flashcards for the 5 hardest questions you have from this Biology chapter, in our shared class deck.
  • One-time study assignment

    Study at least 30 flashcards in Brainscape's NCLEX Pharmacology class, by Friday.
  • TA assistance

    Review the Mitosis deck that our TA created, and suggest edits.
  • Collaborative flashcard creation

    Work in pairs to make British History flashcards. One deck/chapter per student pair.
  • Ongoing study assignment

    Study 10 minutes every day. I may assign a 'pop-cumulative test' at any time!
  • Bookmarking

    Review the French Pronunciation deck, and bookmark the cards you have questions about, to discuss in class tomorrow.

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  • Copy & repurpose other teachers' decks from the marketplace
  • Use advanced editing features
  • Track students' study progress
  • Give all students advanced study features (e.g., bookmarks, reset stats)
  • Give all students access to all premium content on Brainscape market
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