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Brainscape's online flashcards app applies decades of cognitive science research to make studying as efficient as humanly possible.

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Brainscape’s browser-based flashcard maker lets you easily create flashcards, share them with friends, and sync between all of your mobile devices.

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Adaptive Learning on Steroids

Over 800 academic studies have proven the efficiency of spaced repetition. But nobody has ever made it as personalized as Brainscape.

Active Recall

Think of the answer in your head


Rate your confidence

Spaced Repetition

A customized stream of cards to help you learn faster

Study Less, Remember More, & Improve Test Scores

Brainscape’s Confidence-Based Repetition method is proven by decades of cognitive science research into how we learn and retain information.

Increase in Retention
After studying for 30 minutes using:
2x increase in retention using Brainscape!
Based on a study at Columbia University; people studied 30 mins, then took a post-test


Find Great Flashcards
Browse thousands of classes created by publishers, teachers, and students
Create Great Flashcards
Use easy authoring tools on both our website and our mobile & tablet app
Study Progressively
Learn faster using Brainscape's “smart flashcards” repetition system
Collaborate with Classmates
Manage editing permissions to help spread the work among multiple students
Share Your Class
Post a link to your class on your class website, or tweet it to the rest of the world
Bulk Upload Entire Decks
Import dozens of text-based flashcards at once, using a two-column .csv file
Upload Media
Easily add images, animations, and sounds to your flashcards
Format Beautiful Content
Transform boring text using bold, italics, bullets, numbered lists, & other HTML tweaks
Track Students' Progress
Monitor the participation and mastery of all students in a shared class
Navigate Your Content
Easily flip through cards, search for specific cards, or view whole decks in “print preview”
Benchmark Your Progress
Compare your commitment levels with friends and with learners around the world
Bookmark Your Cards
Mark specific flashcards to review later with a teacher or tutor

Social Learning for Your Class

Are you an educator looking for a simple collaborative, adaptive learning solution? Brainscape allows teachers and professors to create a "flipped classroom" in minutes. You can either:

  1. Make your own flashcards to share with your students (and encourage students to suggest edits & improvements); OR:
  2. Have students collaborate to create the flashcards together.

Students can study their adaptive flashcards online or in the Brainscape mobile app, and all their progress is kept in sync across devices.

And from your Teacher Dashboard, you can easily see how much your students are studying, and which topics students need the most help on.

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Perfect for Online Employee Training

Did you know that people forget up to 90% of what they learn in live staff workshops, PPTs, PDFs, and static reading materials?

Brainscape’s bite-sized, adaptive, web and mobile study system is guaranteed to help your team learn faster and retain knowledge for longer. It’s ideal for product information, sales training, employee onboarding, and more.

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Proven Cognitive Science

Brainscape works by guaranteeing that each concept is repeated in just the right of time for your brain’s maximum benefit.

As you rate your confidence in each flashcard, on a scale of 1-5, our Confidence-Based Repetition™ learning system optimizes your personal study stream, helping you learn more than twice as fast and retain information for longer.

This unique application of spaced repetition combines the key mental activities of Active Recall, Metacognition, and Spaced Repetition more effectively than any other learning tool. Each step of the Brainscape learning process activates your hippocampus to maximize the strength of new neuron connections in your prefrontal cortex.

Brainscape Reviews

  • “In days my Spanish has gone from elementary to conversational; incredibly in depth & easy to use.”

    — Sophie Parker, Spanish Learner
  • “Clearly tops. Best feature may be the advanced editor—instrumental for adding pictures to my cards.”

    — Dwayne Jones, Medical Student
  • “After Brainscape, I recorded a 15% improvement in one class v. the students' previous scores and other classes.”

    — Julie Kim, History Teacher
  • “After we introduced Brainscape, suffice it to say that our sales staff learned critical new product facts much faster.”

    — Spencer Halpert, Sales Director
  • “I use this app all the time and share decks with classmates. The perfect study tool for a student.”

    — Mariko Kentaro, College Junior
  • “First was my ophthalmology final. 2 days to study; made cards one day & learned the 2nd. Got a 96%. Thanks for my A!”

    — Arturo Dimas, Knowledge Junkie

You can use Brainscape online, or on your iPhone , iPad , or Android device