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What's the definition of viscosity

Viscosity is a measurement relating to an oils resistance to flow. Thicker and colder oils generally have a higher viscosity


What are the five functions of engine oil

Reduce wear, clean internal engine components, seal mating surfaces, absorb heat, reduce oxidization. Also reduces noise


The term viscosity index refers to the rate the oil will change viscosity as the temperature changes. Would oil with a high viscosity index experience smaller changes in viscosity. Yes or no



The poor point of oil is determined by a special test. What angle is the test tube of oil moved to?



What are couple of reasons why different additives may be added to engine oils

Engine operating conditions or fuel quality


Study the shit out of the motor oil guide handout page

Too much info to list here


What are four functions of an oil analysis program

To determine the condition of the oil, to detect potential component failures, to confirm existing problems, to adjust oil and filter change intervals


The oil analysis program is part of an overall preventative maintenance program. True or false



What's the most common oil lubrication system used on mobile equipment

The full pressure system is the most common


What's the purpose of the engine crankcase

The crankcase and oil pan function as the storage reservoir for the lubricating oil. The oil pan also helps cool the oil by contact with the passing airflow


What are three main oil indicators or gauges used on a majority of engines

Level, pressure and temperature


What's the purpose of oil scavenging pumps

They are able to pick oil from the extreme ends of the oil pan during periods of high angle operation. Separate sumps are typically provided in the oil pan design for the scavenging pump intake suction screens


What's the purpose of the pressure regulating valve

It prevents oil pressure from rising above a predetermined value


What's the purpose of the relief valve

The relief valve opens if system pressure is extreme


Oil to coolant type of oil coolers are designed to do what

All oil coolers are designed to do just that. Lower the temperature of the oil


A full flow oil filter assembly must have a bypass valve installed why

The bypass valve will open if the filter element becomes plugged or if the oil is extremely cold. Some dirty oil is better than no oil it all


Which filter element will clean the oil to a smaller micron size. the bypass or full flow filter

Generally the bypass element will clean to a lower micron level than the full flow filter


True or false the crankcase ventilation system will help remove combustion gases, water and fuel vapor from the crankcase



If the crankcase ventilation system became inoperative (plugged). explain what might happen in the crankcase if this were to happen

The crankcase would become pressurized and oil leakage past seals and gaskets could occur. The oil may become contaminated with an acid, water and fuel build up


Can you replace just one oil pump gear

No. Oil pump gears should be changed in sets of two since the damage/wear on one will be reflected on the mate


What are six factors that may cause excessive oil consumption

Oil viscosity too low for the operating temperature, oil dilution with diesel fuel, worn piston rings and cylinder liners, engine operation under conditions of low operating temperature and low load, leakage at seals and gasket due to loose fasteners and/or excessive combustion pressures in the crankcase, pressure regulating valve stuck closed


What are possible problems that may be created if the oil level is too high

The oil could foam, high oil temperature due to foam, increased oil consumption if the piston rings cannot control the excess oil on the cylinder liners


Could high oil temperatures happen if metal to metal contact occurs at a bearing or if the oil cooler is defective



What's a good definition of pour point

The lowest temperature at which the oil will flow


What's the purpose of detergents in oil

They prevent deposits from forming on internal engine parts


What's the purpose of dispersants

Dispersants keep deposits suspended in the oil


Oxidization inhibitors prevent the oil from adsorbing excess oxygen. what will this feature reduce

The build up of varnish and sludge in the oil. they also prevent general corrosion relating to alloy bearing material


How do anti-rust agents work

They help maintain an oil film on the exposed internal engine parts when the engine is not operating


What are five additional additives that are put in oil

Pour point additives,viscosity index improvers, film strength, metal deactivators, foam inhibitors


resistance to fluid flow is: