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Can you use cameras in aircraft?

Only with CFI or CO approval and an inventory check should be completed before leaving aircraft.


When should VFR cruising levels be used in training areas?

Whenever practicable to reduce traffic conflictions


What is the outcome of an SI g-limit breach but not a flight manual g limit breach?

It is an ASOR for breach of authourisation but aircraft is not U/S


When should aircrew exercise caution for birdstrikes?

Below 2000ft and above 250 KIAS


Where is the PC9 usually operated to prevent high oil temperature?

At an OAT less than -20 deg C up to 25000ft


Can the arrester cables be trampled?



What is the max wind strength for OPS to be cancelled?

30 knots steady wind or gusting 35.


What are the sortie limitations for hot weather? (ie. excess of 35, 38, 40 degrees)

>35 - cease low-level nav and first solos
>38 - cease continuous low level ops (circuits, etc.)
>40 - consider cancelling all


What is the minimum oxygen before flight?

900psi but aircrew should ensure sufficient contents.


Can aircrew disconnect from the oxygen in flight?

Not unless in an emergency as per flight manual.


Which instrumentation is known to have problems in the PC9? (hint: 3 of them)

AHRS - erronous attitude and/or heading without flags
ALT - sticky needle can give error up to 1000ft
TACAN - frequent unlocks losing radial for 3 up to 10+ seconds.