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Workplace- Unemployment

12.3% of the population aged between 15-24 were unemployed compared to 4.9% of people aged over 25
(Labour force survey)


Workplace- Racism due to ageism

⅕ of workers experience racism in the workplace and 38% said ageism was the reason


Workplace- Age discrimination

41% of those surveyed experienced some sort of age discrimination in the workplace
(Cranfield school of Management)


Workplace- Young people

1 million jobs for young people have been lost for young people since 2007 (Guardian)


Family - Unpaid care

1.2 million men and 1.6 million women in England and Wales provide unpaid care to family members, relatives and neighbours


Family - Informal care

20% of women aged 60-64 and 3% of women aged 85+ provided informal care


Crime - Victims of murder/Manslaughter

risk of being a victim of murder or manslaughter in 2007/08 was highest in men aged 16-20 (ONS)


Crime - Domestic abuse

young adults 16-19 are most at risk of being a victim of domestic abuse. (ONS)


Crime - youth crime

75% of public believe youth crime has increased significantly, despite police figures showing a drop of 9% in the last two years
(Hugh and Roberts)


Media - Social Networking

63 per cent of young people aged 16 to 19 had a profile on a social networking site compared with 46 per cent of those aged 20 to 24 (National Statistics)


Health - Chlamydia

6/10 of those diagnosed with chlamydia are aged 16-24 (National Statistics)


Health - Poverty

¼ of the elderly suffer illness as a direct result of poverty (‘Spotlight Report’ by Help the Aged)


Health - Breast Cancer

In some areas no ones over 75 is being offered treatment for breast cancer