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How does the great saphenous vein run up the leg?

Originates at dorsal venous arch
Ascends anteriomedial leg
Ascends posteriorly to ascend posteromedial knee
Ascends anteriormedial to inguinal region and contributing to femoral vein


What four veins feed the femoral vein?

Great saphenous vein
Superficial external pudendal vein
Superficial epigastric vein
Superficial circumflex iliac vein


Where can the saphenous nerve be found?

Running laterally to the great saphenous vein in the leg


Which two groups of lymph nodes are found in the proximal thigh? What are their relationships to each other?

Vertical group of superficial inguinal lymph nodes
Horizantal group of superficial lymph nodes
The horizantal group is superior to the vertical group


What is the saphenous opening located in?

Fascia lata


What does lata mean?



What is the thickening call in the fascia lata? Where?

Iliotibial tract (band), lateral thigh


What are the three investing fascia of the lower limb? Where is each located?

Fascia lata - thigh
Crural fascia - leg
Pedal fascia - foot


Where does the small saphenous vein run? What deep fascia does it pierce to merge with what vein?

Posterior distal leg, piercing the deep fascial of the popliteal fossa, merging with the popliteal vein. Distally, posterior to lateral malleolus, then inferior.


What parallels the small saphenous vein? Where?

Sural nerve, lateral to SSV


What is found just deep to the superficial skin/fat of the anterolateral leg?

Superficial fibular nerve


How to perforating veins connect superficial veins to deep veins?

From inferiorly to superiorly, obliquely.