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1. A postpartum woman overhears the nurse tell the obstetrics clinician that she has a positive Homans sign and asks what it means. The nurse's best response is:

"You have calf pain when the nurse flexes your foot."


2. Which woman would be most likely to have severe afterbirth pains and request a narcotic analgesic?

Gravida 5, para 5


3. Which maternal event is abnormal in the early postpartum period?

Lochial color changes from rubra to alba


4. Which finding 12 hours after birth would require further assessment?

The fundus is palpable two fingerbreadths above the umbilicus.


5. If the client's white blood cell (WBC) count is 25,000/mm on her second postpartum day, the nurse should:

recognize that this is an acceptable range at this point postpartum.


6. Postpartal overdistention of the bladder and urinary retention can lead to which complication?

Postpartum hemorrhage and urinary tract infection


7. A postpartum client asks, "Will these stretch marks go away?" The nurse's best response is:

"They will fade to silvery lines but won't disappear completely."


8. A pregnant client asks when the dark line on her abdomen (linea nigra) will go away. The nurse knows the pigmentation will decrease after delivery because of:

decreased melanocyte-stimulating hormone.


9. If the fundus is palpated on the right side of the abdomen above the expected level, the nurse should suspect that the client has:

a distended bladder.


10. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of personal protective equipment when the nurse is likely to come into contact with:

blood and blood products.


11. Rho immune globulin will be ordered postpartum if which situation occurs?

Mother Rh–, baby Rh+


12. If rubella vaccine is indicated for a postpartum client, instructions to the client should include:

an explanation of the risks of becoming pregnant within 3 months after injection.


13. Which nursing action is most appropriate to correct a boggy uterus that is displaced above and to the right of the umbilicus?

Assist the client in emptying her bladder.