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What was the outcome of the Plessy vs. Ferguson case?

Separate but equal


Who was Martin Luther King Jr. ?

He was a leader of the civil rights movement


What was the I have a dream speech about?

About America becoming together and integrated and better.


What did the letter from a Birmingham jail say?

It explained why blacks were using civil disobedience to get what they wanted and to make it known.


What is nonviolence civil disobedience?

It was about protesting peacefully, like the bus boycott to show how powerful they were.


What was MLK’s philosophy on civil rights?

That everyone should be equal since they’re all made equal


What was the NAACP?

The organization that stood up for African Americans and what they needed and deserved.


Who was Emmett till?

Was a boy who was murdered by a white man on circumstantial evidence. Led to a whole revolution of sit ins and marches and meetings.


What was the Little Rock crisis/ central high school?

It was when 9 teens integrated the high school. The gov tried to back down and then the national guard had to come in and escort the kids.


What was the outcome of the brown vs. board of education?

It outlawed segregated schools.


What was the Montgomery bus boycott?

It was when African Americans boycotted the busses and carpooled to show how powerful they were.


Who was Stokely Charmichael?

He was a leader of the civil rights movement and had the slogan black power.


What were the black panthers?

It was a group of militant black nationalists who believed they should be separated from whites.


Who was Linda brown?

She was the girl who was the reason for brown vs. board of education


Who was Elizabeth eckford?

She was the student who was in the Little Rock nine who arrived separately from the other 8.


Who was Rosa parks?

She was the first black person to boycott the buses. She was jailed for not moving after being asked to by a white man.


Who was Thurgood Marshall?

He was he lawyer at the brown vs board of ed and was the first black supreme justice


What were the freedom rides?

They were integrated buses that drive in the south to see which states allowed the integrated buses.


What was the SNCC?

The student nonviolent corrdinating committee- they taught students civil disobedience and stuff.


WhT was the core?

The Congress of racial equality- they arranged freedom rides


Who was James Meredith?

He was a black student trying to integrate the university of mississippi. Te leaders were against it, so JFK ordered it to happen.


Who was John Lewis?

He was a civil rights leader and helped plan the march on Washington.


Who was Lyndon b. Johnson?

He was the president who signed and made the civil rights act a thing.


What was the voting rights act of 1965?

It prohibited the literacy tests for blacks so everyone could vote.


What was the difference between MLK and Malcom X

MLK believed in nonviolence, Malcom believed that violence was acceptable and needed sometimes. MLK believed in everyone being together, Malcom believed in black nationalism and that blacks should be separate from whites.