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Molecular purpose of a gene

Provides the recipe to make a single protein molecule


How is the structure of DNA similar and different from people with different colored eyes?

Structurally the DNA molecule is identical; changes in the sequences of base pairs (AT CG vs GC TA) produces different traits


Why are DNA molecules split at the base pairs during cell division? What enzyme fills in the new base pairs?

Molecules are split to produce copies; DNA polymerase fills in the new base pairs


Number of base pairs in each DNA molecule



The goal of transcription is to use one gene within the (blank) to make it an (blank) molecule. (blank) inserts new bases.

DNA, RNA, RNA polymerase


The goal of translation is to use a (blank) molecule as a template to make a (blank) molecule. (blank) are the cell structures involved in this synthesis.

RNA, protein, ribosomes