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space between the epiglottis and base of the tongue


pyriform sinuses

located above the cricopharyngeus muscle


benefits of pharyngeal recesses

- allows food and liquid to hesitate and may protect against aspiration


risks of pharyngeal recesses

- residue in the pharyngeal recesses may not clear, can spill over and result in aspiration


purpose of modified barium swallow study

- evaluates oral-pharyngeal phases primarily and is for identifying causes of swallowing dysfunction for treatment planning


purpose of standard barium swallow

- evaluates esophageal function


aspiration pneumonia risks

- decayed teeth (oral bacteria)
- number of meds taken
- multiple medical diagnoses
- smoking
- swallowing saliva high in bacteria can cause aspiration pneumonia to develop


potential risk factor of prescribing thickened liquids

- not well liked
- high refusal rate
- become thicker as they sit
- dehydration may develop leading to other medical problems


advantages of tracheostomy tube during swallow evaluation

- allows us to see aspirated material
- easier to access to suctioning if needed


Passy Muir Speaking valves

- used to facilitate communication and swallowing
- placed on trach tube and allows inhalation through the trach, exhalation is redirected through the vocal tract allowing the person to speak
- if trach tube has a cuff, cuff must be deflated prior to placement or pt wont be able to breath