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indications for fetotomy

dead hiplocked fetus

easy 1 or 2 uts

relative oversize


fetus is dead


C-section indications

hard to access fetus (ie cervix more than slightly undilated)

uterus tightly contracted around fetus

birth cananl traumatized already

not sure you can complete fetotomy in reasonable time and # of cuts

not confidet or experienced with fetotomy


C-section details

if calve is alive and owner wants the calf

most expensive option

hygiene and speed essential

don't do it if you used J-lube! not sterile


goals of fetotomy

reduce fetal size

remove an impediment to vaginal delivery


What is crucial to give prior to percutaneous fetotomy

good epidural anesthesia


tips for successful fetotomy

when removing lower limbs, cut through or below the carpal/tarsal joints, these are good handles

don't leave sharp edges to prevent damage to dam

check positioning carefully before starting cut

seat wire through skin with short strokes and light pressures

check positioning again and if okay lengthen strokes and increase pressure

keep head of fetatome as still as possible


post fetotomy care

check for perforation and lacerations

lavage uterus with saline and/or very dilute betadine solution until effluent clean

local care of birth canal

systemic abx



systemic support (fluids, calcium)


after calving assistance

1) check vitality of calf. if calf not breating, cold water on head, CPR

2) check if there is another calf in cow

3) check that dam is fine and no uterine tears occurred

4) give dam a minute, then try to get her up

5) enjoy the look of a newborn calf