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How is Eisenhower's presidency often viewed?

Eisenhower's presidency was often quite divisive, and he stands accused of being a do-nothing president, who only represents big businesses and has little sympathy for civil rights. However, historians such as Stephen Ambrose are beginning to view his presidency with increasing sympathy


Eisenhower was a believer in 'dynamic conservatism' - what does this mean?

Conservative with money but liberal with society


List a few of Eisenhower's social successes?

- Strengthened the Social Security Programme
- Increased minimum wage
- Created Department of Health, Education and Welfare
- 1956 - created the Interstate Highway System - largest public works programme in US history, with over 41,000 miles or highway


Describe the Alger Hiss trial

Alger Hiss, an important official, was accused of being a communist, with evidence of him handing over copies of secret documents to the Soviets. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison
This led to widespread accusations of communism in high places in America
However, Truman only fuelled these accusations by establishing the Loyalty Review Board to check up on government employees. 1200 fired with a further 6000 resigning