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What are the components of the female reproductive system?

Volvult Cu (Vagina, ovaries, labia, vestibule, urterine tubes, labia, clitoris, uterus)


Ovaries (function)

1) Follicular development and maturation 2) secretion of products that promote


Follicular development in the ovary

1) Primordial follicles 2) Primary follicles 3) Secondary follicle 4) Graafian follicle 5) Corpus Luteum 6) Corpus albicans 7) Atretic follicles


Primordial follicle

develop from oogonia at 3-7 months of fetal life/ single layer of squamous epithelial tissue


Primary Follicle

1) squamous cells to cuboidal cells 2) formation of zona pellucida, formation of stratum granulosum, Theca interna (vascularized region of cuboidal cells w/ LH receptors (production of androgen in response to LH) and externa (connective tissue layer containing collagen fibers 3) presence of primary oocyte (1st meiotic division and then arrests)


Secondary follicle

1) antrum develops 2) cumulus oophorus develops (supports oocyte) 3) androgens to estrogens by granulosal cells 4) primary oocyte completes 1st meiotic division 5) secondary oocytes (immediate commencement of 2nd meiotic division begins)


Graafian Follicle

1) Matures follicle 2) extends through cortex 3) very large antrum 4) ovulation (Secondary oocyte arrests at metaphase of 2nd meiotic division, which is not completed until/if fertilization occurs.


Corpus Luteum (Structure and Function)

forms from ruptured graafian follicle; Theca interna forms theca lutein cells due to LH exposure (secrete androgens and LH); stratum granulosal cells become granulosal lutein cells (secrete estrogen, progesterone, and inhibin - promote proliferation and secretory activity of endometrium to support implantation.


How long does it take for the CL to degenerate if fertilization and implantation doesn't occur?

14 days


Corpus albicans

area appears as white scar; accumulation of intercellular hyaline material among degenerating cells of CL


Atretic Follicles

degeneration and absorption of follicles that fail to completely mature


Segments of uterine tubes

(IAIU) 1) Infundibulum 2) ampulla 3) isthmus 4) uterine/intramural part



Part of uterine tube 1) have finger like processes that beat in a wave like motion to set up currents in follicular fluid 2) Currents cause oocyte to move towards an opening in the center (abdominal ostium



part of uterine tube 1) site of fertilization 2) makes up 1/2 to 2/3 of uterine tube length



part of uterine tube; continuous with ampulla; makes up 1/3 to 1/2 of uterine tubes


Uterine/intramural part

part of uterine tube; 1 cm; connects to uterus near fundues


Bartholin's glands

homologues of male bulbourethral glands


Skeene's glands

homologues of male prostate glands