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What are the means of CO2 transport in the blood?

1) solution (10%) - more than O2 because CO2 is more soluble
2)As bicarbonate (60%)
3)As carbamino compounds (30%)


How is bicarbonate formed?

CO2 diffused into red blood cells and HCO3- is switched for Cl- and hydrogen ions are buffered by haemoglobin


How are carbamino compounds formed?

The combination of CO2 with terminal amine groups in blood proteins


What is the Haldane effect?

Removing O2 from Hb increasing the ability of Hb to pick up CO2 and CO2 generated H+


What do the Bohr effect and the Haldane effect work in synchrony to facilitate?

O2 liberation and uptake of CO2 and CO2 generated H+ at tissues


What facilitates the removal of O2 from haemoglobin at tissue level by shifting the O2- Hb dissociation curve to the right?

The Bohr effect


How is CO2 liberated at the lungs?

The Hb pick-up the O2 and this weaken its ability to bind CO2 and H+


What is henrys law?

The amount of a given gas dissolve in given type and volume of liquid at a constant temp, is proportional to the partial pressure of the gas in equilibrium with the liquid