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In what trade is Johnny being trained?



Why does Mr. Lapham like Johnny?

He is a good worker


Why does Mrs. Lapham like Johnny?

Because he is reliable and she can count on him


Why do the four Lapham girls kike Johnny?

Joking, Teasing, it makes more fun


What was Mr. Laphams weakness in running his business?

He never wrote down what was ordered or even listened very carefully (height, weight, size ect.)


What was Mr. Hancocks Importance in Boston?

Rich owned tons of shops, Owns Mr. Laphams business, into politics, biggest man in Boston


What was Mr. Laphams Reason for choosing not to vote for Mr. Hancock?

He was irrigoent, more of a Patriot- Mr Lapham doesn't like people trying to stir up trouble between England and the colonies


Why did Cilla ask Johnny to Carry Isannah to the Warf?

Because Issanah was sick and she needed to get down to the wharf to get water and air


Why did Johnny and his mother move to Boston?

Johnnys mother knew she was going to die and she wanted Johnny to get taught how to be a silversmith


What is Johnnys middle name and why is it significant?

Lyte and it is significant because it is a name that runs in his family he is realated to a wealthy man Most people that are lower class dont have a middle name


Why do you think that Johnny told his secret to Cilla?

Beginning to feel safer telling her things


Describe the cup that Johnny's Mother gave to him.

It said "Let there be Lyte" with a sunset over an ocean on it


Who is the Best craftsman in Boston? What Advice did this Person give to Johnny?

Paul Revere, Johnny goes to Paul Revere because he is having trouble with the handles of the Sugar Basin


Why did Mrs. Lapham encourage Johnny to work on the Sabbath?

Because she wants the sugar basin done since it is the best order they have had in 10 years


Why wouldn't Mrs. Lapham get a real doctor to treat Johnny's Hand?

She didn't want the knowing that they broke the rule of no work on the Sabbath


What activity made Johnny Forget about his hand for a while?



What excuses does Dove give to Mr. Lapham as to why he gave Johnny the cracked crucible, which causes the silver to spill on the Furnace?

Humiliate him for working on the Sabbath


In three or more complete sentences Describe Johnny Tremain.

Johnny Tremain is training to be a silversmith. He lives with the Lapham family; Mr and Mrs. Lapham, 4 girls: Madge, Dorcas, Cilla, and Issanah and 2 other boys: Dove and Dusty. His personality is funny with the 4 girls, serious and he has a lot of pride and he is cocky


Who is the richest man in Boston and what did he order from the Laphams business?

John Hancock is the Richest man in Boston and he was ordering a sugar Basin for his Aunt from the Lapham business


What is Johnnys middle name and Why is it significant?

Johnnys middle name is Lyte


Explain why Johnny was working on the Sabbath and the accident that occurred.

Johnny was working on the Sabbath so that he could finish the Sugar basin by the next day and it was something that could get them a lot of money. The accident that occurred was Dove handing Johnny cracked crucible and then he burned his hand badly


What is a wharf?

a structure built on the shore so that the ships and other boats can doc on it along side it to load or unload it


what does loiter mean?

waste time


What is the Boston Observer?

newspaper printing press the main focus was to inform citizens about the unjust English rule


Explain why Johnny visits Mr. Hancock and how he is humiliated during this visit.

to see if he can get a job as a clerk and he wants to be a cabin boy, but he made a fool of himself because he could not write.


How was Johnny able to buy himself food and new shoes?

Mr. Hancock gave him silver and in addition to the new shoes and the food for himself he bough Cilla and Issanah things and he went to the Afric queen to eat


After visiting his mother's grave what did Johnny decide that he must do?

Go to Mr. Lyte


/Who are the Whigs and Tories?

2 political parties people like Rab and Uncle Lorne would be Whigs (people from the Boston observer are Whigs)


Why is Johnny sent to Jail?

the merchant thought he had stolen the cup from the Lyte family


What does Isannah do at the end of this chapter that makes Johnny feel as if he might cry.

kisses him


Why wasn't Johnny able to keep his Job as a cabin Boy?

he did not have enough money to keep it


Thoroughly explain how Merchant Lye gains possession of Johnny's cup.

he stole it as Johnny was putting it away although Johnny had just tried to sell it to him


Where is Johnny living now and what is he doing for work?

with Rab and he is delivering the Boston Observer, he is staying in the Boston Observer loft


Give examples of how Rab's influence has helped Johnny to become more Mature.

-he told him what he would have to do and he never told him that he would have to learn to use his left hand
-he bought him books
-asked why he did certain things he did not criticize
-He compliments Johnny about being able to ride Goblin well



to take for military purposes



to reveal



to pester for payment



to make gestures with the hands usually while speaking



likely to excite or upset



to overwhelm






emotional fit


Explain what Johnny means when he tells certain subscribers to the Boston observer that eight shillings are due for your paper?

he is really saying that there is a meeting at 8 that is code for the meeting takes place at 8


Where does the observers club meet?

Rab and Johnnys attic


Why is Paul Revere the last one that Johnny tells about the upcoming meeting?

Cilla and Isanah are waiting by the town pump and Revere lived at the North Square


Explain how Sam Adams encouraged other Bostonians to join his cause.

Sam Adams is always in the church riling people up and talking/convincing them about England and stuff


How did the colonists show their anger over the tea tax?

they dumped all the tea into the harbor, by holding the Boston Tea Party on December 16th


How many ships were there and what were their names?

3 ships ; Dartmouth Elanor and Beaver


Why did Rab throw Dove into the Harbor?

Dove was stealing Tea


What were 2 ways that England punished the colonists for their opposition to the tea tax?

didn't allow ships in the port
passed the fiddlers bill
General Gage was in charge


What was Johnny's opinion of the British troops?

mixed feelings he liked them when they helped him or just talked to him


Why are Cilla and Isannah living with the Lyte family?

Isannah was sick again so Lavinia took them under her wing


Why were so many tories moving into Boston?

gather money for tea
Boston could trade again


Who is Mrs. Bessie and what are her political views?

The Lyte family cook and her political views are a whig


Explain why Cilla and Johnny traveled to the Lyte's summer home in Milton.

Cilla thought that the Silver was left behind


Who was Johnnys grandfather

Roger Lyte


Why do you think that Johnny's mothers name was erased from the family records?

there could have been a family fight or they may not have approved of the man in the realationship


What did James Otis mean when he said " We give all we have lives, property, saftey, skills... we fight we die for a simple thing. Only that a man can stand up"

they gave up everything for our independence freedom from kings/rulers
Can stand up and have a say in things
They have to sacrifice their lives property and families just to go to war for this country


What information did the patriots learn from Lieutenant Stranger's letters?

The British were moving North to Port smith where port william and marry were


What did these Patriots do in response to this knowledge?

planned to rob the port before everyone got there


What information did Dove give to Rab and Johnny when he was drunk?

what the British were going to do in the war. The troops were heading out in the Spring
Gage tried to steal supplies 3 times


What information does Johnny reveal about many of the British soldiers?

they are patriots


How does Rab finally acquire a musket?

Rabs uncle smuggled it from Lexington and gave it to Johnny then they change clothes for disguises


Explain how the British officer made an example out of Pumpkin.

what not to do when your the British Army they were saying what would happen if you did something bad


what are some ways that the Patriots prepare for war?

drilling (practicing shooting their guns)
Fixing up their hunting guns
Making their own gun powder
Many donated Peter/silver to be melted into bullets
developed a spy system to spread the word when needed to fight


Where did the war between the Colonists and the British begin?

Lexington Village green


What did Dove reveal to Johnny about the movement of the British troops on the eighteenth of April?

start around 8 that night
the colonists horse would be put on and off the boat
there would be a risk of drums and shootings
not going more than 30 miles
colonel smith would go in command


How was Doctor Warren going to get the word out to the minute men when the British troops moved out of Boston

going to row over to charlestown ride a horse to lexington and then warn everyone that the British troops were headin their way

He was going to put 1 or 2 lamps in the steeple of the church


Why did General Gage's orders to arrest all the members of the observers club could not be carried out?

war was going to start soon and many of the soldiers had left


Where does uncle Lorne hide from the British Soldiers?

Feather Bed


What is the significance of pumpkins old uniform?

Johnny wears it so that he can get on the boat with the troops to get out of Boston so he can tell Doctor warrn about the movement of the troops


what was Johnnys dad like?

from france he was a catholic he was a naval suregon was captured as a prisoner of war his real name was lataur


What does Johnny learn about Rab?

he is dead because he has a fatal injury
it was sad because he died before he ever got to shoot his gun


How did Johnny regain the use of his burned hand?

Doctor warren cut his thumb


What errand did Rab Send Johnny on and why?

To go see it the family had come out of hiding because he didnt want him to be there when he died