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Give 2 Jewish beliefs about God.

1. Monotheism - only 1 God
2. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent
3. God is unique and beyond human understanding


What do Jews believe about the Big Bang Theory?

1. It is the way God chose to create the Earth
2. It works with religion to give us a full idea of how the world was made.


Give 2 Jewish beliefs about God as creator.

1. God is the ultimate architect
2. Everything was created in his image


Why do Jews believe God is a law-giver?

God gave Moses rules to a just society


What 2 festivals support the belief in God as a judge?

Rosh Hashanah (Day of Judgment) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)


Why do Jews believe God is just?

1. 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur gives people a second chance
2. God is not omnibenevolent or malevolent


What is the importance of Yom Kippur?

It allows repentance, they can't do this after death.


Where is the Shekinah believe to be?

1. Followed Jews into exile after the temple was destroyed
2. Welcomed into home by lighting candles on Shabbat


Why is the Shekinah special?

It is not limited to just one place, it must be experience and felt.


What do some Jews believe will happen in the Messianic Age?

1. Universal peace
2. The Messiah will bring the Earth to an end and bring about resurrection.


Why are there so many different beliefs about the Messianic Age?

There are no definite teachings in the Torah so humans must focus on life now.


When do Reform Jews believe the Messianic Age happen?

Good actions of humans will bring it about, we must prepare the world or he will come when most needed.


When do Orthodox Jews believe the Messianic Age will come?

There is a set date by God.


What 2 things will the Messiah do?

1. Bring the world to an end
2. Restore the temple


What is the importance of the Promise Land?

It was a covenant between Abraham and God, Jews have lived here for 3200+ years.


What was the descendant covenant?

Between God and Abraham that promised to make a great nation.


Describe the blessing covenant.

God promised to bless Abraham and the descendants, in return Jewish boys are circumcised 8 days after birth.


Give 2 reasons why Moses is considered the 'greatest prophet'.

1. Only person to see God face to face
2. Received the oral Torah
3. Chose to lead the Israelites out of slavery
4. The covenant between God and Moses


What are 2 importances of the 10 commandments?

1. They are the basis of how to build a relationship with God and people.
2. They were given to Moses face to face


How is the importance of Pikuach Nefesh shown?

Jews are allowed to break all mitzvot besides incest, idolatry and idolatry to save a life.


Why is life considered sacred?

It was made in the image of God


Why does Pikuach Nefesh cause issues with abortion decisions?

When life begins is a personal view for Jews.


What do reform Jews believe about following 613 mitzvot?

1. They are just guidelines
2. Some are not relevant/suitable to today's society.


What do Orthodox Jews believe about following mitzvot?

They must observe them as much as possible.


Give a Jewish belief about free will.

God gave us free will but we have a tendency to do bad or good.


How do Jews prepare for the afterlife/olam ha ba?

Focus on living a good life now to prepare as it is beyond our knowledge and understanding


Why are there so many different beliefs about the afterlife in Judaism?

There are no direct references in the Torah.


What do Orthodox Jews believe about resurrection?

There will be a spiritual or physical resurrection.


What do Reform Jews believe about resurrection?

Our soul lives on through our good deeds.


When will resurrection happen?

After or during the Messianic Age.