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global aphasia 

Global aphasia is caused by lesions to both Broca's and Wernicke's areas, and leads to the total loss of the ability to understand, speak, read, or write language.


conduction aphasia 

Conduction aphasia results in difficulty repeating words or phrases, despite retaining both language comprehension and spontaneous oral communication skills. 

It is still unknown which areas of the brain correspond to conduction aphasia. 


anomic aphasia 

Anomic aphasia results in difficulty recalling certain words, despite retaining both oral expression and syntactic structure skills. 

People with anomic aphasia generally suffer from damage to their parietal lobes. 


At what age do most babies speak their first word?

At approximately 10 months most babies speak their first word.

A baby's first word is most commonly "mama" or "dada".


At what age to children generally have a complete understanding of the spoken language?

By age 2, most children have a nearly complete understanding of the language they hear.

At this age, most children can form 2-3 word sentences, and are beginning to develop language syntax skills.