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What is Global Health?

It encompasses prevention, treatment, and care while focusing on the improvement of health for all and health equity.
"The optimal well-being of all humans from the individual and collective perspective"


What is global citizenship?

- trying to act on social justice and inequities
- we are interconnected



- Key component of Canadian social safety net
- Credited to Tommy Douglas


Who has access to medicare?

- permanent residents, new immigrants, and citizens of the country all receive health care through medicare
- If you are just in the country temporarily then you do not receive it (including refugees)


What is the Canadian Health Act?

Developed in 1984
public administration
governs all of policy and legislation regarding health care in Canada


What is the federal government responsible for?

- Sets and administers national principles
- Delivers health services for First Nations and Inuit people, veterans, federal inmates, and RCMP
- Provides national policy and programming to promote health and prevent disease


What are the provinical and territorial governments responsible for?

- develop and administer own health care insurance plans
- manage, finance, and plan insurable health care services and delivery, in alignment with CHA principles
- determine organization and location of hospitals or long-term care facilities; mix of health providers; and amount of money dedicated to health care services
- Each province is in charge of how health care is delivered in their province
- Have to stay in line with the CHA


Who is the health minister in Saskatchewan?

Dustin Duncan


Access to health care?

You have reasonable access to medically necessary hospital and physician services, regardless of income, age, health status, gender, or geographical location


What is the Romanow Commission?

- 2002
- medicare is sustainable and must be preserved because it represents core values of Canadians
- about improving access, ensuring and measuring quality, improving and expanding PHC, strengthening and expanding home care, and offering catastrophic drug coverage
- creating a national health council responsible for indcators and performance measures


What is the Kirby Report?

- medicare system is not sustainable
- 2002
- we have a need for stronger private sector involvement
- shifting funding for hospitals to a service-based model
- granting more responsibility to regional health authorities
- reforming PHC
- not sustainable, stronger private sector


What is the role of nurses in this?

Nurses are policy advocates


Nursing around the globe?

- No such thing as separation of global health issues
- Social justice is an issue at home and around the world


What is the mission of ICN?

To represent nursing worldwide, advancing the profession, and influencing health policy.


What is the ICN?

International Council of Nurses
The ICN is an organization focused on advocating for the development of health policy for nurses but also for groups of people that deal with inequity
Nursing practice is not equal around the globe - ICN fights against this


What is the focus of the ICN?

3 pillars of action:
1. Professional Practice
2. Regulation
3. Socio-economic welfare
- run by registered nurses who try to advance knowledge and create policy


What is the ICN doing to help - professional practice?

- Addressing Global Crisis of Non-Communicable Diseases - engage in policy to combat this around the world
- Building Nursing Leadership
- Advancing eHealth Technologies
- International Classification for Nursing Practice - to advance electronic health records and to improve nursing communication around the world - ICNP is about the language of nursing, and to ensure that that language is understood around the world
- Combatting Counterfeit Medical Products


What is the ICN doing to help - Nursing Regulation?

- Global Collaboration - collaborate globally to equalize things
- Expert Advisors - ICN provides advice to help establish stricter guidelines
- Monitoring trends in Regulation - Registered nurse is a protected term in Canada - have to have a degree, pass the licensure exam in order to call yourself an RN


What is the ICN doing to help - Socio-Economic Welfare?

- Addressing workplace issues
- positive practice environments
- workplace violence
- workplace forums
- work for the nurses
- Strengthening the nursing workforce
- human resources
- migration - have to work in partnership so that we don't leave a country without its nursing workforce
- tries to advocate for changes


How does the ICN advance nurses?

- Influences public policy
- world health assembly
- climate change and health
- international nurses day
- UN agency for Women
- INCREASING nurse presence in the WHO
- Increasing Nursing Knowledge


What is the job of the Nurses Call to Action commission?

To recommend ways to optimize nursing contributions to the transformation of Canada's health care system and to position CNA and the nursing community within national discussions about the future of health care.
- CNA wanted to make sure that nurses were at the table when decisions were made regarding the Canadian health care system


What kind of health care system does Canada have?

Reactive system


What does a reactive health system mean?

Everything is happening downstream, not upstream; ERs are overcrowded and we are treating the acute problems


Why is a reactive system a problem?

We are spending more money reacting and not enough money promoting health.


What should be done instead of a reactive system?

- We need to work more on prevention and health promotion.


What is the Nursing Call to Action 9-point plan?

1. Top 5 in 5.
2. Individuals, families and communities first
3. PHC for all
4. Invest to improve factors to improve health
5. Pay attention to Canadians at RISK
6. Think health
7. Ensure quality and safety in health care
8. Prepare the providers
9. Use technology


What does top 5 in 5 mean?

In 2017, Canada will celebrate 150th birthday, want to be top 5 in terms of health care outcomes by then.


What does it mean to put individuals, families, and communities first?

- they want pancanadian goals but local solutions <- this is key
- means we are not just going to be one-size fits all; whatever the goal is across the country, it will be done in different ways


What does PHC for all mean?

- invest strategically in factors to improve health. Less money spent on acute care, and more spent on preventative measures (poverty, food, security, etc)


What does it mean to invest to improve factors to improve health?

Invest less money reacting and more being proactive, preventive and promoting health