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Casing Nails

Similar to a finishing nail but designed to be even with the surface of the wood.


Sheet Metal Screws

Various size screws, used for both metal and wood, threaded full length.


Wood Screws

Various size screws, used only for wood, threaded only partial length.


Plastic Screw Anchor

A plastic anchor used for drywall, plaster, or concrete which expands when screw is inserted; the exterior fins or ribs prevent anchor from turning. Straight type anchor, also shown, is for masonry applications only.


Self Tapping Screw

A specially designed machine screw which taps it's own threads when installed into a pre-drilled hole.


Double Headed Nail

Used for temporary construction such as forming, bracing, or scaffolding.


Expansion Anchor

An anchoring device which expands inside a pre-drilled hole when driven downward against it's tapered plug.


Box Nails

Similar to the common nail, just slightly thinner at head and body making it less apt to split the wood.


Self Drilling Screw

A specially designed sheet metal screw which eliminates the need for pre-drilling; used extensively for drywall and metal stud construction.


Drywall Screw

A non-rusting bugle head screw for attaching drywall to wood or metal studs; often cabinet installers use them for attaching cabinets to walls.


Lag Bolt

A heavy bodied screw with hex or square type head; has very coarse threads for joining wood const. members. A lag bolt expansion shield is necessary for masonry applications.


Carriage Bolt

A unique bolt with a squared shoulder beneath an unslotted head; when nut is tightened shoulder draws into wood which prevents the bolt from turning.


Machine Bolt

A medium-large size bolt (1/4" dia. & lgr.); not threaded full length; has hex or square type head only; requires a nut designed for joining two or more unthreaded parts, which do not precision alignment.


Hanger Bolt

A specially designed headless bolt. One half has wood screw threads and the other has machine screw threads.


Finishing Nails

Used on molding, trim, etc. and set below the surface of the wood (hidden).


Confirmat Screw

A specially designed screw for butt-joint assembly in 32mm cabinet construction.


Cap Screw

Similar to the machine bolt in size and appearance but more refined; not limited to just two head styles; has longer thread segment for joining threaded parts which require precision alignment.


Machine Screw

A small-medium size screw (up to 3/8" dia. & 6" length); usually threaded full length; available in various head styles; may accept a nut, but designed primarily to join threaded parts which require precision alignment.


Toggle Bolt

A fastener for sheet rock, plaster, masonry, etc.; wings expand @ wall's interior providing shear support; sometimes referred to as a "butterfly bolt".