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What is a farm?

A farm is a place where people grow food and keep animals. Only 1 or 2 families usually live on a farm. They may own or work on a farm.


What is a Village

A village is group of huts or houses. Villages are often in area where there are farms. A few hundred people may live in a village


What is a town?

A town is much bigger than a village. There are shops, roads and houses. There are different places where people can work.


What is a city?

Cities are the biggest places where people live. Thousands or millions of people can live there. There are more buildings in cities like shops and schools, factories and offices. There are many kinds of transport. A city covers a lot of land.


What are service jobs?

These people do work that helps other people like nurses and teachers.


What kind of buildings do people live in?

They live in houses or flats.


Where does industry take place?

In buildings called factories. This is where things are made.


Where do services take place?

They take place in buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools, banks and churches


Name four ways people can get from one place to another.

They can walk
Or take a taxi or bus


Explain the features of an area

If you look,around you and you see fields, mountains, street lights or buildings, these are the features of an area.


What is a landmark?

Things that stand out on the land like a tree or a bridge. Some land,arks are made by people some are part of nature.


How do landmarks help us?

Landmarks help us find places and to describe the way to get to places


Long ago people were hunters and farmers. How did they get the things they needed?

They collected wild plants for food and grew crops. They made the things they needed.


Name the five basic needs of people.

Shelter-a place to live
Food to eat
Clean water
Health care
Energy- such as electricity