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Definition of pressure groups

A group of people trying to influence government or government decision-making without making decisions. They attempt to influence the government not Only through existing legislation but proposed legislation. they can be ongoing or exist for a short period of time.


Permanent pressure groups

Well organised, well resourced, and have offices in each state and a national office in Canberra.


Sectional pressure groups.

Closed groups, membership is restricted to people of the same background. They are concerned with the specific interests of their own members, they try to protect members interests or achieve something for the benefit of the members. Reasonably well financed.


Promotional pressure groups.

Open memberships, they exist and function in the public interests, they are focused on community values as opposed to self interest and work for things they believe to be for the public good. They have limited finances and strategic power, they try to influence government on a single issue.


Sectional group strategies

- sectional groups generally focus on the strategy of direct lobbying.
- the imbalance of the economy of sectional groups like business and unions can give them direct access to government.
- generally target individuals and groups directly involved in decision making.
- advertisement.


Promotional group strategies.

- target public opinion and attempt to raise the public profile of the issue they support.
- direct action:letter campaigns, petitions, demonstrations, public meetings.
- protests, strikes.


Enhancing Democracy

- vital link between the government and the governed.
- keep governments more responsive to the people.
- can express views of the minority groups in society.
- they can offer alternative advice to the government.
- promote opportunities for political participation.
- accountability mechanism: checks and balances.


Distorting Democracy

- they may represent a powerful minority force in society and exert political influence to the detriment of the majority of society.
- the influence of pressure groups may be out of proportion to their position in society.
- destroy reputations. Seat of Bass 2016, Andrew Nikolic and get up.
- direct action can cause hardship to society.


The Australian medical association.
Group type

Type - sectional
Represent - the AMA has a long standing commitment to improving public health. Apart from developing policies, it lobbies hard for change. It has taken action on many health issues, including HIV, promotion of aboriginal health and tobacco control.


AMA history

Branches of the British medical Association were formed in Australia in the late 19th century onwards. Before the formation of Australia specialist colleges, the branches held regular meetings to discuss medical development and unusual cases. The BMA branches formally merged into the AMA in 1962.


AMA strategies

- keeps in regular contact with a large number of politicians, political parties and government ministers. Frequently presents submissions to, and appears before, committees inquiring into health issues.
- represented on a number of government committees, ensuring that the voice of the profession is heard well before decisions are made.
- advertisements, mail, media.
- comment publicly


AMA success stories

The AMA had a large impact of the ban on smoking inside restaurants. Members of the AMA gave their professional opinion on the negative health effects smoking had on the people surrounding them.


The RSPCA represent and type

Promotional. the Australian people concerned with the wellbeing of animals. They prevent the cruelty to animals by promoting their care.


RSPCA history

Dates back to 1871 in Victoria, then followed by all the states and then the territories. In May 1980 the 8 seperate societies met and agreed to form one properly constituted
Ed national society.


Strategies of the RSPCA

- 100 inspectors respond to 50000 reports of animal mistreatment every year.
- comment publicly to inform the public and make government notice.
- procure the passage of amending new legislations to protect animals.
- make appointments with MPs. Member for the department of agriculture and water resources.
- advertisements and speaking on public platforms.


RSPCA current campaigns

- live exports : under Australian standards, live exports are allowed. Animals are being transported overseas in horrific condition. They send them to be killed outside of Australia’s welfare laws, as its cheaper. The RSPCA is leading the way in the journey to change legislation for the animals to be killed in Australia under humane laws.
- RSPCA approves farming scheme: RSPCA focuses on improving the lives of farm animals and making humane eggs and meat readily available. The RSPCA has begun placing stickers on ethically produced food, to ensure that consumers know what they are eating.


Success stories of the RSPCA

- after the live baiting scandal in Victoria in 2015/2016, the RSPCA began an investigation into greyhound racing. The investigation resulted in more then three men being prosecuted, fined $2000 and banned from having anything to do with greyhound racing for 5 years.
- a SA man was sentenced to 7 months jail after using electric shock collars on 6 dogs and forcing them to fight. The RSPCA investigated the man and had their lawyer convince the court to prosecute him and have him pay almost $35000 in compensation.


State school teachers union of WA type and history

Sectional, have existed for over 100 years. It looks after teachers, school administrators and lecturers in Wa government and TAFE colleges.


SSTUWA strategies

Meeting with ministers, minister for education.
Protests and strikes


Current campaigns SSTUWA

- GROH campaign: seeking a reversal of the 2017 housing increases for teachers and further commitment that additional increases will not happen form 2018-2020
- Putting our Kids First: almost 600 teaching positions and 1000 EA positions have been cut and most schools have had a freeze in hiring new teachers. The SSTUWA aims to fix this.


SSTUWA Success

A new plan has been introduced by the government to be introduced at the beginning of the 2019 school year to prevent violence in schools. It will introduce support for students, support staff, teachers, school leaders and parents. It will include clear, long term policies about when students should be suspended or excluded, have privileges removed, what a schools duty of care is, and how to manage repeat offenders. The SSTUWA supported this change, and had a large impact on the decision, they widely discussed the issue and was a key signature on the agreement to have the plan created.