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.01 A. Operates within the San Antonio Police Department to ensure compliance with TCLEOSE standards of training and education.

Training Advisory Board


.01 A. This procedure procedure establishes a Training Advisory Board and outlines...

training provided to members of the Department.


.01 B. Serves to enhance the career development of members at all levels in the Department through continuing training, as well as providing all members with the opportunity for individual growth within the

The Training Advisory Board


.02 A. It is the policy of the San Antonio Police Department to provide all members with the most ....

diverse and comprehensive training and educational opportunities available that are beneficial for the Department and also for the career development of the members.


03 A. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: To provide proper...

training and development of sworn and non-sworn members of the Department.


.03 B. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: To promote...

productive, efficient, and effective job performance.


.03 C. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: To improve the...

level of individual job satisfaction..


.03 D. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: To enhance the...

upward mobility of all members.


.04 A. The Training Advisory Board was created for the purpose of evaluating the specific training needs of the Department, to include:

initial licensing training, continuing education for current license holders, and training which meets the goal of career development and promotional education.


.04 B. Specific duties of Training Advisory Board include:

1. Evaluating the current training for initial licensing (cadet curriculum) and making recommendations for revisions.
2. Evaluating the continuing education training for current license holders (in-service training) and making recommendations for revisions.
3. Evaluating the Field Training Officer Program (FTOP) and making recommendations for revisions.
4. Evaluating the current promotional training and making recommendations for revisions.
5. Evaluating the career development training for members and making recommendations for future enhancement.
6. Reviewing the standards for the hiring process and making recommendations to the Department for revisions.


.04 C. In conducting the Board’s specific duties, they may request that a report is made or some other information is provided to them by a...

Training or Course Coordinator.


.04 D. All recommendations made by the Board are forwarded to the...

Office of the Chief for approval.


.04 D. All APPROVED training is coordinated and administered through...

The Training Academy.


.04 E. The Training Advisory Board consists of...

nine (9) members.


.04 E1. The Training Advisory Board consists of nine (9) members as follows:

-Cmdr of Trng Academy (non-voting member).
-(1) Patrolman.
-(1) Detective-Investigator.
-(1) Sergeant.
-(1) Lieutenant.
-(1) Non-sworn member from within Dept.
-(3) public members from outside the Dept.


The Commander of the Training Academy serves as a...

non-voting member of the Board.


.04 E2. There are four (4) sworn members from...

within the Department. One each from the rank of Patrolman, Detective-Investigator, Sergeant, and Lieutenant.


.04 E3. There is one (1) non-sworn member from...

within the Department.


.04 E4. There are three (3) public members from outside the Department. The public members must be community members or affiliated with one or more of the following:

Crime Commission, Citizen’s Police Academy,
Cellular on Patrol, Texas Education Agency, or the Police Foundation. They must not be otherwise disqualified.


.04 E5. A quorum must be present to conduct official business, a minimum of...

(5) VOTING members constitute a quorum.


.04 E6. Board members serve a minimum of..

two (2) years.


.04 E6. The filling of scheduled vacancies will occur on a staggered basis, such that...

no more than 50 percent of the Board will be replaced in any one year.


.04 E6. Board members are eligible for re-appointment by...

The Chief of Police.


.04 E7. Board vacancies will be filled by the same procedures for filling...

beginning positions, as the vacancies occur.


.04 E8. To facilitate and record the minutes of the meetings, the Board will elect a...

Chairman and Secretary,


.04 E8. Forwards the minutes to TCLEOSE.

The Training Academy Staff.


.04 F1. A notice for the selection of both sworn and non-sworn Board members will be...

announced in the Daily Bulletin.


.04 F2. All members wishing to be considered for appointment to the Board shall submit a written report to the...

Commander of the Training Academy.


The report requesting appointment to the Board should contain information relevant to...

professional experience, assignment diversity, education, and training.


.04 F. Will be sent to each non-department group listed in Subsection .04 E 4 of this procedure.

A notice for the selection of public members.


.04 F4. Shall submit an abbreviated resume to
the Commander of the Training Academy.

Public members wishing to be considered for appointment to the Board.


.04 F4. The resume should contain information relevant to professional...

experience, education, and previous performance in public service-related activities.


.04F. Makes all appointments to the Board.

The Chief of Police.


.04 F. Board members are replaced utilizing this procedure on a...

rotating basis, or as required to fill unscheduled vacancies, from requests for appointment retained on file.


.04G. The Board shall meet at least once each year to...

review any new proposed training developments.


.05A. Training of cadets, curriculum to include;

all TCLEOSE required courses. e.g., tactics, P.C., the C.C.P., firearms, P.T., driving, and dispute resolution.


.05B. In-service Training:

Annual block of continuing training, minimum block of forty hours, to include TCLEOSE mandated training, legal updates, and firearms re-qualification.


.05C. Roll-Call Training:

Training provided to officers at roll-call, generally prior to the start of the officer’s tour of duty. This training includes, policy and procedure changes, as well as legal updates.


.05D. Training provided for members whose assignment requires greater skills and knowledge than that received in cadet or in-service training. Specialized Training:

Specialized training.


.05D.This training is designed to develop and enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities particular to the specialization.

Specialized training.


.05E. Training provided during a member’s tenure and / or in conjunction with a promotion.

Career Development


.05E. This training may include areas of specialization, designed to provide insight into a subsequent rank, which will assist an individual in preparation for promotional opportunities.

Career Development


.05F. Newly hired non-sworn members shall be provided training, to include, the Department’s goals, policies, procedures, and regulations.

Non-Sworn Member Training


.05F. Non-sworn members shall also receive information regarding their working conditions and their responsibilities and rights as employees.

Non-Sworn Member Training


.05G. Remedial Training: Training provided to members who are referred by the;

Officer Concern Program, a supervisory officer, the Chief of Police, or who are deficient in driving, tactics, firearms, or other areas as identified.


.06A. This training is conducted at the Police Training Academy.

Classroom training


.06A. This training is conducted by the Field Training Officers Program.

Field training


.06A. This training may consist of supervised on-the job training and roll-call training.

Training conducted at the unit level by management or supervisory personnel


.06B. When a particular type of training is not available within the Department, the training may be provided by an outside agency, if the Department determines;

the training is beneficial to the member and the Department.


.07A. Unit of responsibility for training; cadet, in-service, non-sworn, remedial, and career development training.

The Training Academy


.07A. Provides Divisions, Sections, Shifts/Units, and Details with materials necessary for
conducting roll-call training.

The Training Academy


.07B. Who has the responsibility for providing members with advanced, specialized, and roll-call training that is not provided by the Training Academy?

Management and supervisory personnel


.07B. What type of units will conduct on-the-job training?

Shifts, Units, or Details


.08A. All members, sworn and civilian, shall attend authorized Department and outside training programs and/or classes when;

scheduled to attend.


.08A. Members shall document their attendance by;

signing an attendance sheet that is provided by the unit or instructor conducting the training.


.08B. Members who are unable to attend a scheduled training program or class should contact the;

unit or person conducting the training program or class to re-schedule.


.08B. Excusable reasons for not being able to attend a training program or class are:

1. Court attendance;
2. Illness;
3. Department business when pre-approved by a supervisory officer;
4. Any emergency situation that can be documented.


.08C. Who shall document successful completion of Departmental training programs and classes for sworn members?

The Training Academy, in the members’ personnel training files.


.08D. Who shall document successful completion of departmental training programs and classes, for non-sworn members?

The Accounting and Personnel Office in the members’ personnel training files.


.08E. Officers successfully completing training programs and classes held outside of the Department should present certificates of completion to;

the Training Academy for entry into their personnel training files.


.09A. This Program is designed to provide sworn and non-sworn members with the opportunity for individual growth and development at all levels in the Department.

The Career Development Program


.09B. To provide all members the opportunity to enhance their personal, and professional need for growth, development, and knowledge to foster job satisfaction, and promote strong leadership.

The mission of the Career Development Program


.09B. The Career Development Program is designed to;

train and educate members in areas specific to law enforcement, to enhance the delivery of police services, that benefits both the Department and the community.


.09C. The Career Development Program will enable the Training Academy staff to integrate a

web-based system and streamline current processes that are required by TCLEOSE.


.09C. The web-based system, Training Academy On-Line, is located in the SAM Resources Section of the S.A.P.D. WEB intranet, where members will have the opportunity to;

view scheduled courses and enroll in a course, as availability permits

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