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what are the limitations of the Clarke-fisher model?

-only applies to western countries.
-different countries are currently going through different stages of the model.
-may not be applicable to low-income countries.


how have settlement functions changed over time?

-they started as rural settlements with their economies based on agriculture.
-people moved out and into cities as working in factories is more profitable than working in agriculture.
-the emerging middle classes set up banks etc.
-tertiary sector jobs become more favourable, turning the city into a commercial city.


what are the reasons for places changing? (4)

-physical factors.
-accessibility and connectedness.
-historical development.
-local and national planning.


how do physical factors lead to places changing?

-changing landscapes due to coastal erosion etc. threaten farming such as Happisburgh where 250m of land has been lost.
-climate change influences policy on agriculture and land use planning.


how does accessibility and connectedness lead to places changing?

-the development of the UK's rail networks has led to connections becoming faster.
-regional airports increase migration.
-2/3 of the UK now have access to fibre optic broadband.
-government provided £530m to extend broadband.


how does historical development lead to places changing?

-Totnes has deliberately introduced the Totnes pound to protect its heritage and culture.
-the Totnes pound has helped local businesses.


how does local and national planning lead to places changing?

-shortage of housing stock.
-building new villages and connections.


what are the different points in the index of multiple deprivation?

-employment deprivation
-abandoned and derelict land.
-income deprivation
-education deprivation
-quality of living environment
-barriers to housing and services
-health deprivation


what are commuter villages?

rural settlements close to a large city that's home to people who work in the city.


what are sink estates?

area of council housing that scores low on the index of multiple deprivation.


what does the quality of life index measure?

it measures health, education, wealth, democracy and the environment.


Composite Indicator

A development indicator, which measures more than one variable eg the well-being index


Cultural Erosion

The loss or dilution of a specific culture due to cultural diffusion



the mass closure of industries in regions traditionally associated with secondary industrial production, also features high unemployment levels.

Partly due to the global shift in production.