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R&J: Intent

- Choreographed by Natalie Weir
- explores how love is cyclical
- “history repeats itself and in each repetition, there is something new” SHOWN THROUGH the structure
- 3 acts all inspired by the classic story of Romeo and Juliet by its themes or heartbreak or heartache and dramatic love
- act 1: set in modern day fortitude valley = contemporary values
- act 2: 1800’s = chaste values
- act 3: context of 50’s = gender roles


R&J: Act 1 - Passion
Terms to use

Set in modern day fortitude valley
A ‘grungy nightspot’
Sexually charged


R&J: Act 2 - Romance
Terms to use

Set in class-divided 1800’s
Renaissance setting
Secret wedding
Mood - a gentle purity


R&J: Act 3 - Devotion
Terms to use

Set in the 1950’s Suburban Bliss
A couple play out their daily routine
Gender roles and typical relationships
Male leaves = ‘sweet sorrow’ turns into ‘aching emptiness’


R&J: Music
Terms to use

Composed my John Babbage from Topology
Modern Jazz vibe
Adds resonance and depth to each setting


R&J: Set Design’s role
Terms to use

Role: create space and setting
Multi-functional boxes
‘Audience experience a sense of haunting, displacement and disorientation’
Small boxes - surround setting, manipulated by lighting
Act 1 - used to represent grungy alley wall (walks past and collapses = death
Act 2 - used as an altar (sit atop) and a coffin (lie within)
Act 3 - projected static = represents tv


R&J: Costume (J’s dress) significance

Assists audience to recognise J who is steering the ‘story’ of each act
Symbol of various things:
- colour: red = passion, love, romance
Repetition of colour reflects ‘cyclical’ intention by Natalie
- style: reflects time period/context
Act 1 - plunging = sexually charged, modern
Act 2 - 3/4, flowing = chaste, 1800’s
Act 3 - tight top = 1950’s, typical gender role


R&J choreography SECTIONS
Act 1 R and J duo

Suspended and elevated energy
Intricate and precise
Counter balances/lifts/drops/spins = generate excitement, reinforces trust
Space - remain close and connected = sexually charged
Shifting levels

Themes: love/lust, desire, passion, erotic, promiscuous


R&J choreography SECTIONS
Act 2 R and J duo

Stark contrast to act 1 because:
Delicate, slow
Close and intertwined
Music adds to aesthetic
Wrapping, folding
‘A gentle purity’
Playful and explorative

Themes: secretive, 1800’s context, young love


R&J choreographic ELEMENTS
Act 3 - time and space

Emphasises ‘history repeats itself’ though building speed of choreography and music
Perform long partner phrase, R leaves momentarily before returning
Foreshadows the coming of a ‘heartbreaking inevitability’ when R does not return
Negative and empty space for J in being lonely


R&J choreography ELEMENTS
Act 2 - body and space (R’s solo)

Transfer in and out of floor (space)
Collapsing = ‘externalisation of internal torture’ (body)
Size of movement (space) - articulates shock and heartbreak when separated from J
Moves away and to J, back and forth conveying tragedy, frustration and torture