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What is Zoning?

- An exercise of the police powers of the state as delegated to local govs, designated the uses permitted on each parcel of land within the zoning jurisdiction
- Considers needs of the community and airport


What is an Easement? What does an Aviation Easement do?

- A right held by one person to make use of land of another for LIMITED PURPOSE
- An Aviation Easement allows for flights of a/c over the property (noise easement)


What act(s) made airport responsible for capturing and controlling runoff, such as avgas and deicing fluids?

- Clean water act 1977
- Oil pollution act (Required the development of Facility Response Plans)
- Storm water discharge ponds


What does the government have in place to protect against closed/abandoned hazardous waste sites, or large spills?

- "Superfund" bank account to get the ball rolling on major clean ups while blame is being placed


If you have a leak, who do you call right away?

The National Response Center (NRC)


Since aircraft are mobile, who/how are Emissions monitored and tracked?

- Monitored on the Federal level
- FAA and EPA regulate air quality!


Is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) a required program?

No! LEED is not a government program, and is voluntary for buildings and companies to participate in.


What is a Part 150 study?

- Provides noise pollution feedback for airports!
- IF airport paid/participated in this study, AIP budget will cover 80% of cost to address the problems found


What are some options for airports after they participate in a Part 150 study?

- Zoning with the city
- Changing departure/arrival procedures
- Buying property around the airport
- Noise cancelling houses in affected areas


What is the most common reason that (Advisory Circular) AC5300-13 would be updated?

- In response to runway incursions
(Airport Design!)


True or False: Aircraft Approach Speed categories are taken into account during taxiway and runway design

- Important to think about weight distribution on the surface, and turn radius


How does an airport determine its "critical aircraft" for taxiway and runway design?

- Weight!
(The snow plow was considered the critical aircraft for the East side of GFK because it weighed more than any of the baesd a/c! LOL)


_______ operations a year is considered reasonable justification for an airport to get another runway.



The current goal in taxiway design is to:

- Provide the most direct route as possible to/from runway
- Minimize crossing runways
- Allow ATC direct line of sight


What are 3 types of pavement designs considered for an airport?

1. Rigid Pavements (CONCRETE!)
2. Flexible Pavements (Petroleum Asphalt)
3. Pavement Overlays (Asphalt Coat)


What are the 5 basic Terminal Layouts of airports?

1. Simple Linear (Rectangle)
2. Finger Piers
3. Satellite w/ and w/o finger piers (Rectangle and a Circle)
4. Linear Midfield
5. X-Shaped


What are 3 major components of airport TRAFFIC?

1. Originating/terminating passengers
2. Employees
3. Supply/Delivery and other Commercial Vehicles


What are 4 types of facilities (in terms of use)?

1. Exclusive Use
2. Common Use
3. Preferential Use
4. Mixed Use


True of False: Airport Master Plans are required by the FAA

FALSE! The FAA requires a LAYOUT plan


What is the purpose of an Aviation Activity Forecast? What area does it survey?

- Forecast future levels of aviation activity to help with decision making in airport planning
- Survey the "Catchment" area along with all aviation related factors


In CAUSAL forecasting, what are 4 Independent variables that are measured?

1. Cost
2. Schedule
3. Population
4. Activities

Ex: number pax. = cost (.67) + schedule (.54) + population (.32) + activities (.15)

*means COST will determine number of pax.*


True or False: Airports must comply with Local, State and Federal environmental regulations!



What does the FAA stress in regards to the environment?

FAA stresses an Environmental Management System (EMS)!!!


What does the "Compatible Land Use" process do for airports?

- Ensures that factories, warehouses, storage yards, farmland etc. are developed around the airport because NOISE is no factor to them


Are airport LAYOUT plans required by the FAA?



STATE Aviation System Plans

- Coordinated air transportation system on a wide level
- Maximize return on investment of public funds
- Identify capital improvements


METROPOLITAN Aviation System Plans

- Developed for airports located in close proximity (capacity, airspace, ground access, destinations served)


What purpose do mobile transporters serve on airports?

- Move people between buildings and aircraft


What does Market Share Forecasting help determine?

- Projects future numbers, characteristics and trend in the Target Market


What is Simulation Forecasting?

- Process of creating a model of a system to identify factors which CONTROL the system