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What type of fire extinguisher should we use on mailbox fires and how should we use it?

CO2 injected into the mail slot and slot cover closed


How many blasts should the extinguisher be given on all sizes of mailboxes and how long should you wait after?

3 short blasts, wait two minutes


T or F. FDNY has given order that dry chemical extinguishers shall not be used on mailboxes until further orders



What are the three types of security dog classifications?

Attack, Watch, Command


T or F. Hose dogs are trained by their owner and will generally attack anyone who enters the premise except their owner and family and friends of their owner. They can be just as dangerous as professionally trained dogs and loud commands or threatening gestures will not intimidate them.

False. Loud commands or threatening gestures may intimidate them.


In conditions of heat and smoke a dog's behavior will be altered and will run for survival. What is good practice to do in these situations?

Give dog a means for escape


Good method to detecting dog in apt?

Shake door handle


Note- Use chair or tool for dog to bite. Offer resistance and try to escape.



Note- A charged hoseline should be used for backup with dogs



If dogs attack a member , what should other members do who are in the immediate vicinity?

Render assistance


Tor F. Hand tools or having the dog destroyed should never be used on dog because it is an inhumane act and the dog could become more vicious.

False. As a last resort


Note- Dogs should be entered into CIDS



Even though foam rubber furniture or bedding that has been involved in fire and appears to have been extinguished by an extinguisher, what should be done? (Fires 3, 3.1)

A hose line should be stretched to apply sufficient water to effect complete extinguishment


What must be done in all cases when there is evidence of fire burning below the surface in foam rubber? ( Fires 3.2)

It is necessary to cut away all the charred material and remove it to a sink, tub, or pail of cold water.


Lexan has impact resistance_____ times greater than safety glass? ( Fires 4, 1.4)



Lexan is approved for installation in city schools for windows up to how many feet in height? ( 2.2)



All of the following are ineffective on cutting Lexan glass except? (3)
a. Air Chisel
b. Oxyacetylene Torch
c. Pike Axe
d. Sawzall with coarse tooth wood blade



18. What can cut Lexan glass quickly and easily? (3.2)

Power saw with carbide tip


Is it safe to use the chain saw on Lexan glass? (3.7)

No, it will send pieces flying like shrapnel


If the window is at ground level or lower what might be possible to use on it ? (3.10)

Portable Ladders in the corner near the frame.


21. True or False. A compactor fire is a structural fire while an incinerator fire which does not extend or communicate from the shaft is an emergency. If the fire extends from the incinerator shaft it is a structural fire. ( Fires 7, 1.3 )



In city projects what color is the chute door for incinerators and compactors? (1.3 D)

Red for incinerators and Gray for compactors


If you open a chute door and smoke comes out, you would know that the blockage is ? (2.2 B)

Above you. If you feel air pulled inward then it is below you.


If smoke is present on the uppermost floor, what could be the cause of this? ( 2.2 Note)

A clogged or blocked spark arrestor or fly ash collector


At an incinerator fire, if the fire is put out by flooding the shaft with water, what must be shut down?( 2.3 E Note)

The auxiliary gas or fuel burner must be shut down


26. The following pertain to the fly ash collector. What is incorrect? (2.3 H Note)
a. It is an area near the top of the incinerator vent shaft for collecting fly ash that results from incomplete combustion of material.
b. It may or may not be equipped with a means of access cleaning ( generally a steel door)
c. There may be an open hole in the floor large enough to fall into.
d. It can be as small as an enlarged area of the shaft or as large as a small room.

B. “It is always equipped with a means of access for cleaning”


27. Where should you stand when opening the hopper door? (3.2 B)

To the side, on the hinge side if there is one.


28. How long must an object block the photo electric beam in a compactor for it to start? (6.2)

4 seconds


At what temperature does the sprinkler head activate in a compactor unit? Where is the shutoff valve found? (7.3)

135 degrees. It will flow until temperature falls below 135 degrees. The shutoff is usually found on the water line inside or near the compactor room


Where does the OVM operate at a compactor fire? (8.2)

With the Engine to provide access to chute


The officer and forcible entry team will operate in the compactor room at a compactor fire. What must they do before any operations commence? (8.2 B)

Locate the electrical shut off and shut power to the unit

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