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Explain what happened in the Armenian genocide

Ottoman Empire decimated the civilian Armenian population. Two million Armenians inhabited northern turkey in 1919, in 1918 one million murdered. Ottomans masked the war effort to systematically massacre Armenians, they march to Syrian dessert.


Define mutiny

Rebellion against authorities, especially in the military


What is trench foot and why is it so common

Trench foot is a disease that soldiers had gotten from not being able to change shoes when getting wet


What does the phrase "over the top" mean

Soldiers going over the top of the trench to the other side


Hidenburg and Ludendorff are credited with what major change to Germany

Totally changed the strategy of the German front


What was the significance of the Siegfried line

Better fortified than the front burned everything as they retreated keep the allies from retaliating


What was the Skyes picot agreement

French and British secretly plan to divide the Middle East after the Ottoman Empire
-French (Syria and Lebanon)
-British (Jordan, Iraq and Palestine)


What is shell shock

Traumatic war experience


What was the capital of Russia in 1917



What was the Russian revolution and why was it stationed in the capital

Woman begin wide scale work riots for food; government based on the people near Petrograd

Political power
October 1917


What were the three factors that contributed to the Russian revolution

Struggle of the peasants -extremely poor
Rise of industry- worker moved from farms to factories ; less farmers = less food than there already was
Incompetency in the government - czar Nicholas 11, more concerned with family and royalty


What type of government was established

The provisional government and soviet government


Elaborate on Marxism

Marxism is economic and social theory based on the writing of Karl Marx and fedrich Engels
Ultimate enemy of capitalism
Discouraged religion
Overproduction and money are evil factors


What is a soviet

Sockets are legislative bodies elected by the people who administer the jobs of people and soldiers


Who were the Bolsheviks

Bolsheviks were communist political party led by Vladimir Lenin


What was stated in lenins April thesis

Establish immediate peace with Germany
Blames the provisional government for problems in Russia
Socialize capital
Denounces the provisional government


What was formed in Russia after the October Revolution

United Soviet socialists republic (ussr)


What treaty saw Russia leave WWI in 1917

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk


Name the three occurrences that saw the US enter the war

Sinking of the Lusitania
The Zimmerman telegram
Unrestricted submarine warfare


How were the British involved in the entrance of the US in WWI

British knew about the attach but didn't tell US so it'll make more conflict between US and Germany


What radical new legislation was introduced in 1917

United States legislation - selective service


What were American troops called in WWI

Dough boys


What was the main idea of wilsons fourteen points

Plan to end the war and establish international peace


What was Wilsons idealism and how does it apply to today

Spread capitalism, democracy, promote international intervention


What was the name if the last German offensive? Was it successful? Why or why not

Spring offensive; no, American interfere and they move too fast


Who was the supreme commander of American troops on Europe

John j Pershing


What was the name of the last allied offensive? Was it successful? Why or why not?

Hundred days offensive