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What is inattention,
What should you assess in terms o...,
Where is broca s located
26  cards
Clinical neuroanatomy
Where do spinothalamic tracts dec...,
Where do posterior columns decussate,
Where do corticospinal tracts dec...
41  cards
Movement disorders
Which three systems are involved ...,
Name the four components of the b...,
Which neurotransmitters are invol...
6  cards
Neurosurgery emergencies
Why can t a spinal cord lesion le...,
Why is gcs useful,
What does a score of m3 suggest o...
18  cards
What does smart stand for,
Who forms part of multi disciplin...,
Describe three aspects in the pro...
19  cards
What is a complication of adminis...,
Hyper hypodense are used to descr...,
Signal intensities are used in wh...
23  cards
What are the two important questi...,
A patient has bilateral weakness ...,
How to describe pattern of distri...
57  cards
Brain tumours
What is a meningioma
1  cards
Raised ICP
What fluids are present in the brain,
What is normal icp,
How do you raise icp naturally
16  cards
Where is csf produced,
What is the distribution of csf b...,
What is the volume of csf in adults
25  cards
Differentials for acute onset hea...,
Where is the headache pain locate...,
Where might you see blood in ct o...
60  cards
Lumbar puncture
Why do you perform lp in gbs,
What are the indications for perf...,
Name two indications in which lp ...
10  cards
Multiple sclerosis
What type of pain is present in o...,
How do you confirm a diagnosis of...,
Which criteria is used in ms
14  cards
Spinal surgery
What is the difference between ra...,
What is the pathophysiology of ce...,
Does radiculopathy cause umn or l...
20  cards
Loss of consciousness
Differential for loss of consciou...,
What are the two types of epilept...,
Risk factors for seizures
17  cards
Movement disorders
Name an example of a hypokinetic ...,
Name an example of a hyperkinetic...,
Structure for describing tremor
22  cards
What are the three main modalitie...,
Patient present with foot drop wh...,
Which modality is used to diagnos...
8  cards
Name two domains of dysfunction i...,
What important points should you ...,
Name two bedside tests to assess ...
11  cards
What are the abc approaches to pr...,
What info should you include in y...,
What can be given to reduce press...
6  cards
Neurodegenerative diseases
Name as many diseases that fall w...,
Which protein is abnormal in alzh...,
What is the pathophysiology of fr...
13  cards
Peripheral neuropathy
How is the brachial plexus divided,
Name two conditions associated wi...,
Name an infections associated wit...
16  cards
Motor neurone disease
Name two types of motor neurone d...,
Which is the most common type of mnd,
Which mnd type carries the worst ...
4  cards
Mysathenia gravis
Which malignancy is associated wi...,
Which malignancy is associated wi...,
What is the pathophysiology of la...
3  cards
Patient with history of epilepsy ...
1  cards

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