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Ch. 1 Test, Basic Terms and Concepts of Mechanical Ventilation
The body s mechanism for conducti...,
Which of the following are involv...,
The graph that shows intrapleural...
37  cards
Ch. 2 Test, How Ventilators Work
The respiratory therapist enters ...,
A patient being transferred from ...,
The internal circuit of a ventila...
13  cards
Ch 3. Test, How a Breath Is Delivered
The equation of motion describes ...,
The equation of motion is represe...,
How many variables can a ventilat...
29  cards
Ch. 4 Test, Establishing the Need for Mechinical Ventilation
Respiratory failure due to inadeq...,
The underlying physiological proc...,
A patient with an opiate drug ove...
23  cards
Ch. 5 Test. Ventilator and Mode
A 68 year old female admitted for...,
A patient has recently been diagn...,
Which of the following is the min...
28  cards
Ch. 6 Test, Initial Vent Settings
Calculate the tubing compliance c...,
Calculate the tubing compliance c...,
When initially setting up a venti...
36  cards
Ch. 7 Test, Final Considerations in Vent Setup
What fractional inspired oxygen f...,
A patients baseline arterial bloo...,
A patient receiving 60 oxygen fro...
35  cards
Ch. 8 Test, Initial Pt Assessment
The first step in the assessment ...,
The operational verification proc...,
How often should the fractional i...
31  cards
Ch. 9 Test, Ventilator Graphics
The two waveforms that are common...,
The most important factor to affe...,
The respiratory therapist observe...
15  cards
Ch. 10 Test, Assessment of Respiratory Function
1 a pulse oximeter differentiates...,
An arterial blood gas should be d...,
A pulse oximeter reading will be ...
41  cards
Ch. 12 Test, Improving Ventilation
During mechanical ventilation of ...,
A patient with chf is being mecha...,
A patient with pneumonia and unde...
32  cards
Ch. 13 Test, PEEP and ARDS
Peep therapy is indicated for pat...,
Patients with which of the follow...,
How long after peep is increased ...
17  cards
Ch 14 Test, VAP
A pneumonia that was not incubati...,
The type of organism that most of...,
A patient was intubated in the em...
24  cards
Ch. 17 Test, Effects of Positive Pressure Ventilation
Biotrauma is caused directly by w...,
Alveolar tissue and pulmonary cap...,
Shear stress injury and loss of s...
24  cards
Ch. 18 Test, Troubleshooting
When an alarm is activated on a v...,
Removing a patient from a ventila...,
A 68 year old woman was admitted ...
26  cards
Ch. 19 Test, NIV
Negative pressure ventilators cau...,
A patient with acute cardiogenic ...,
A patient has acute pulmonary ede...
25  cards
Ch. 20 Test, Weaning
All of the following patients are...,
A patient is being weaned from in...,
What ends inspiration in pressure...
27  cards

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