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Key Terms
Multi line insurer,
Stock companies
72  cards
Legal Concepts
Apparent authority,
Competent party
44  cards
Life Insurance Policies
Industrial life insurance,
Ordinary life insurance,
Group life insurance
123  cards
Chapter 4 - Life insurance Premiums, Proceeds, and Beneficiaries
Accelerated benefit option rider,
Cash value
83  cards
Ch. 5 - Life Insurance Underwriting & Policy Issue
Insurable interest,
General part 1 of the application
26  cards
Ch. 6 - Group Life Insurance
Certificate of insurance
24  cards
Ch. 7 - Annuities
Accumulation period,
Accumulation units
25  cards
Ch. 8 - Social Security
Quarter of coverage,
Social security act of 1935,
Fica taxes federal insurance cont...
12  cards
Ch. 9 - Retirement Plans
Qualified plan,
Eris the employee retirement inco...,
Defined contribution plans
24  cards
Ch. 10 - Uses of Life Insurance
Human life value approach,
Human needs approach,
Needs based selling
15  cards
Ch. 1* - Health and Accident Insurance
Health insurance,
Disability income insurance,
Medical expense insurance
55  cards
Ch. 2* - Health Insurance Providers
Service providers,
Blue cross and blue shield,
Health maintenance organization hmo
11  cards
Ch. 3* - Medical Expense Insurance
Basic medical expense insurance,
Major medical expense policy,
35  cards
Ch. 4* - Disability Income Insurance
Any occupation,
Own occupation,
Nonoccupational coverage
23  cards
Ch. 5* - Private Insurance Plans for Seniors
Medicare supplements,
Medicare select,
Medicare part d
28  cards
Ch. 6* - Health Insurance Policy Provisions
Entire contract,
The time limit on certain defenses,
Grace period
29  cards
Ch. 7* - Health Insurance Underwriting
General part 1 of the application,
Medical part 2 of the application
29  cards
Ch. 8* - Florida Laws and Rules Pertinent to Insurance
Continuing education,
Unfair trade practices
96  cards
In the insurance business risk ca...,
Which of the following risks is i...,
Buying insurance is one of the mo...
41  cards

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