2020 wes reading olympics

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AruShah and the End of Time
Who were the kids that told aru t...,
When aru saw the ping pong ball h...,
What was the third key to the kin...
50  cards
Attack of the Turtle
What was the sickness that ezra p...,
Who did nate find instead of his ...,
During what month was the america...
10  cards
Bigger than a Bread Box
What item did rebecca wish for th...,
Where did rebecca find the bread box,
What book was inside the bread bo...
23  cards
Bridge to Terabithia
Who did jesse meet at the end of ...,
When jesse came back from washing...,
What did leslie get jesse for chr...
49  cards
Capture the Flag
0  cards
What is allies app purpose what w...,
What is mrs slades trademark how ...,
What does nathans app do what is ...
30  cards
Dazzle Ships
When did world war 1 take place,
Why were u boats so deadly,
When king george the 5th came to ...
10  cards
Who is on the umbrella ride when ...,
Where does polly make it rain,
What is freddy in
20  cards
El Deafo
At first once cece went to the au...,
Before cece moved what was her fr...,
Before cece went to ginnys birthd...
23  cards
Ellray Jakes is Not a Chicken
0  cards
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
What did jamie and claudia use to...,
What place did claudia and jamie ...,
Where did claudia and jamie run a...
7  cards
Front Desk
Why did mias mom get fired from h...,
What did jason say he did to mias...,
What was the secret code for if m...
32  cards
Why did brian s mom divorce,
What did brian call the birds tha...,
What did brian say the turtle egg...
7  cards
I Survived the Nazi Invasion 1944
What were some countries in the a...,
Who married and were did they go ...,
Why did everyone laugh when aunt ...
10  cards
James and the Giant Peach
How did the peach get so big,
What did james find in the corner...,
Who does james live with after hi...
10  cards
John Henry
What did john henry build after h...,
What did everybody call ferret fa...,
What did john henry s father give...
17  cards
Louisiana's Way Home
What time did louisiana leave her...,
How many bags of peanuts did loui...,
Where in alabama did louisiana fi...
24  cards
Love That Dog
Who does jack not like writing po...,
How did jack convince mr walter d...,
What was jack doing before sky go...
10  cards
Masters of Disaster
Why did reeds mom make him sleep ...,
What were the main reasons for al...,
What was the second challenge the...
10  cards
May B. A Novel in Verse
What is may bs full name,
What does may want to be when she...,
Why was may left alone
26  cards
Me and Marvin Gardens
Why did obe get sent home by the ...,
Why did tommy get suspended and how,
What is annie interested in and w...
24  cards
Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
What is edward made almost entire...,
Who made edward and why did that ...,
What did abilene say every night ...
13  cards
Night of the Twisters
Is dan an only child,
What state do dan and his family ...,
Who is at dans house when the tor...
14  cards
No More Dead Dogs
What book was the play based on,
How did his dad hurt himself in t...,
Why does everyone love wallace
20  cards
No Talking
What has the 5th grades group nam...,
What happened with lyndsey and da...,
Who started the no talking challe...
27  cards
One Crazy Summer
Where do all three sisters dream ...,
What does their real mother say a...,
Why do delphine and her sisters e...
20  cards
What is the reward for student of...,
What was the topic logans class h...,
What is the student teacher name
10  cards
Rain Reign
What are roses favorite things,
What did rain do the day uncle we...,
Who drives rose to school everyday
38  cards
Rump: The True Story of Rumplestiltskin
When the miller came what made ru...,
Why was the king able to take the...,
How did the millers daughter opal...
17  cards
Sedako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
What is the nickname for the atom...,
What was the sickness that sadako...,
Who gave sadako her golden crane ...
23  cards
Saving Winslow
What was noras signature look in ...,
What does louie do when he misses...,
How did winslow escape from his p...
20  cards
What is mibs savvy and how does s...,
Where does mibs want to go and wh...,
What happened when the bus turned...
20  cards
Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays
What did ivan do to save his family,
What word saved kirbys life,
Why was jessica mitchell afraid o...
16  cards
Shoeless Joe and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure
What does joe learn,
How did stosh first learn about s...,
Why was wilbur kozinsky wearing a...
16  cards
Strongheart: Wonder Dog of The Silver Screen
Before the dog was named stronghe...,
Why did the man take etzel from t...
2  cards
Stuart Little
0  cards
The First Rule of Punk
What is a single mexican food tha...,
What is the name of the type of c...,
What are the names of malus frien...
20  cards
The Great Serum Race: Blazing the Iditarod Trail
Why did the great serum race happen,
How did gunnar kaasen find the se...,
Why was it dangerous for dogs to ...
10  cards
The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg
How does harold get into the army,
How much did squint get for selli...,
Who stole homers horse
4  cards
Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story
What is andrew trying to prevent ...,
What did andrew fail to do in 191...,
What does edward make andrew do t...
17  cards
Who Was Ben Franklin?
What was the name of bens fathers...,
How many siblings did ben have,
What was the fake name ban made u...
10  cards
Wild Robot Escapes
What type of animal is brightbill,
Why does roz want to escape to th...,
Why is roz on the farm at first
17  cards
Wild Girl
0  cards

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