2022-2024 year 13 a-level psychology - y13

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The Approaches: The Learning Approaches
Name two learning approaches,
Identify 3 assumptions of the beh...,
Where do behaviourists say behavi...
42  cards
The Approaches: The Psychodynamic Approach
The name of the psychologist who ...,
Assumption behaviour is due to,
Assumption psychodynamic approach...
96  cards
The Approaches: The Humanistic Approach TW
What do humans have an innate nee...,
What viewpoints do humanists oppose,
What type of experiences do human...
30  cards
The Approaches: The Cognitive Approach
According to the cognitive approa...,
How is the cognitive approach dif...,
What is meant by inferences
21  cards
The Approaches: The Biological Approach MH
All human behaviour is at first _...,
What physical factors explain our...,
What two factors determine how we...
50  cards
Schizophrenia: Classification/Positive & Negative Symptoms, Reliability & Validity in Diagnosis and Classification DP
Schizophrenia does not have a sin...,
Where is the dsm 5 used,
Where is the icd 11 used
74  cards
Schizophrenia: Biological Explanations of Schizophrenia - Genetics/Neural Correlates/Dopamine Hypothesis (KR)
What does the biological explanat...,
How does the genetic explanation ...,
What are our genes
40  cards
Schizophrenia: Psychological Explanations - Family Dysfunction
When answering questions on psych...,
When answering questions on psych...,
When answering questions on psych...
59  cards
Schizophrenia: Drug Therapy - Typical/Atypical antipsychotics
What type of drug is the most omm...,
What type of drug is the most com...,
Depending on the severity of thei...
39  cards
Schizophrenia: CBT & Family Therapy - Treatments
What is the aim of cbt in treatin...,
What type of negative thoughts ma...,
In challenging the negative thoug...
25  cards
Schizophrenia: Token Economies in the management of Schizophrenia (KR)
How is token economy used in sz,
What management techniques are us...,
Where is token economy used
24  cards
Research Methods: Qual/Quant/Primary/Secondary Data DP
Quantitative data is data that is...,
Data that is expressed numericall...,
The number of seconds it takes to...
45  cards
Schizophrenia: The Interactionist Approach
What does diathesis mean,
What did meehl originally claim t...,
Meehl claimed schizophrenia was d...
17  cards
Research Methods: Descriptive Statistics KR
How do we analyse quantitative data,
What type of data does descriptiv...,
Descriptive statistics analyses q...
72  cards
Research Methods: Content/Thematic Analysis KR
What two ways do we use to analys...,
What is qualitative data,
How is qualitative data analysed
33  cards
Schizophrenia: Psychological Explanations - Cognitive Explanation
When answering questions on psych...,
When answering questions on psych...,
When answering questions on psych...
34  cards
Research Methods: Stats Testing
This level of measurement is pres...,
This level of measurement can be ...,
A researcher gave a questionnaire...
26  cards
Research Methods: Probability & Significance
When interpreting a statistical t...,
What is the conventional level of...,
To identify the critical value wh...
18  cards
Research Methods: Presentation of Data - Graphs & Distributions
Name the three types of distribut...,
What are the three features of a ...,
If most of the data is concentrat...
30  cards
Research Methods: Reporting Psychological Investigations
What are the sections of a report,
What is the purpose of an abstract,
What does an abstract contain
24  cards
Research Methods: Peer Review
When is a peer review conducted,
What does a peer review subject a...,
Who conducts a peer review
13  cards
Research Methods: Features of a Science
What is a theory,
A theory is a way of explaining a...,
What does theory construction all...
35  cards
Biopsychology: The Nervous System
What is the function of the nervo...,
What are the two main divisions o...,
What two parts is the central ner...
31  cards
Biopsychology: Synaptic Transmission
Give three reasons why neurons ca...,
Name box 1 and 2,
What are neurotransmitters
20  cards
Biopsychology: Structure & Function of Sensory, Motor & Relay Neurons
Which neuron is only found in the...,
Which neuron carries nerve impuls...,
Which neuron carries nerve impuls...
32  cards
Biopsychology: Function of the Endocrine System
What are the chemical messengers ...,
What are hormones,
What are hormones released by
21  cards
Biopsychology: Localisation of Function in the Brain
What is localisation of function,
What is holistic theory,
What is the role of broca s area
23  cards
Biopsychology: The Fight or Flight Response TW
Which division of the nervous sys...,
Which part of the brain identifie...,
Which branch of the autonomic ner...
21  cards
Biopsychology: Lateralisation of Function
Define hemispheric lateralisation,
State two functions of the left h...,
Which two brain areas are in the ...
22  cards
Biopsychology: Plasticity & Functional Recovery After Trauma
What is plasticity,
What is the approximate number of...,
What is synaptic pruning
20  cards
Biopsychology: Ways of Studying the Brain
Name four ways of studying the brain,
Name four ways of studying the brain,
Name four ways of studying the brain
27  cards
Biopsychology: Biological Rhythms (Circadian, Infradian & Ultradian)
What is an ultradian rhythm with ...,
Define the term circadian rhythm ...,
Define the term infradian rhythms...
42  cards
Addiction: Describing addiction - physical and psychological dependence, tolerance & withdrawal syndrome
What is addiction,
What is psychological dependence,
When a person has a physical or p...
15  cards
Addiction: Risk Factors in addiction - genetics/stress/personality/family/peers
Which three ao3 points could be u...,
What is a risk factor in terms of...,
What two ways could genetic influ...
41  cards
Addiction: Explanations of nicotine addiction - Brain neurochemistry
Name the neurotransmitter linked ...,
Name the brain areas linked to ad...,
What does
50  cards
Addiction: Explanations of nicotine addiction -Learning Theory TW
Which behaviourist principle can ...,
Operant conditioning is learning ...,
Learning through rewards and puni...
46  cards
Addiction explanations for GAMBLING addiction - LEARNING THEORY MR
What does social learning theory ...,
What is they key term for when we...,
Identify two rewards that an obse...
42  cards
Addiction: Reducing Addiction Drug Therapy/Behavioural Interventions/CBT
What is the name of the drug ther...,
What is the aim of nicotine repla...,
How does nrt work
48  cards
Addiction: Theories of Behaviour Change: Theory of Planned Behaviour DP
The theory of planned behaviour d...,
According to the theory of planne...,
What 3 interacting beliefs can in...
42  cards
Issues & Debates: Gender Bias
What does universality mean,
Give an example of universality,
Universality is the idea that 1__...
33  cards
Issues & Debates: Culture Bias
Define universality,
The idea that conclusions can be ...,
Universality believes conclusions...
19  cards
Issues & Debates: Holism & Reductionism TW
What is meant by the term holism,
What is meant by reductionism,
Is the biological approach reduct...
22  cards
Issues & Debates: Idiographic & Nomothetic Approaches
What type of data is the nomothet...,
The nomothetic approach aims to c...,
Which sampling technique is used ...
13  cards
Issues & Debates: Free Will V Determinism DP
What does free will suggest we ar...,
What does free will believe we ha...,
This side of the debate believes ...
40  cards
Issues & Debates: Nature Nurture Debate
What does the nature nurture deba...,
What is meant by nature,
What is meant by nurture
19  cards
Issues & Debates: Ethical Implications & Social Sensitivity
What are ethical issues,
What are ethical implications,
What are socially sensitive areas
11  cards

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