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Regular ER Verb Endings
Which is the verb ending for je i,
Which is the verb ending for tu y...,
Which is the verb ending for il he
8  cards
Unit 1: French shops, Shop for Food
La boucherie,
La boulangerie,
La charcuterie
32  cards
Unit 1: Shopkeeper, Where to shop, Saying there is no more
Vous desirez,
Cest tout,
Et avec ca
18  cards
Unit 1: Food and Things to Buy
Une baguette,
Un biscuit,
Des bonbons
26  cards
Unit 1: Quantities + Money
Une barquette de,
Une boite de,
Une bouteille de
40  cards
Unit 1: RE + IR Verbs
24  cards
Unit 2: Countries in Europe + Elsewhere
La belgique
54  cards
Unit 2: Means of Transport
En bus,
En avion,
En bateau
26  cards
Unit 2: What/When you are going to, Can/Can't do/Permission
Je vais passer une semaine en ecosse,
On ne va pas prendre la voiture,
26  cards
Unit 2: Towns and Villages
Une grande ville,
Une ville moyenne
28  cards
Unit 4: Introduce People + Talk about families
Je te presente mon frere marc,
Et voici mes deux soeurs laura et...,
Le beau pere
36  cards
Unit 4: Understand and answer questions when staying with a French family
On peut te tutoyer,
Tu as beaucoup de bagages,
Cest ton premier sejour en france
13  cards
Unit 4: Talk about what you have done recently, presents + souvenirs, say goodbye + thank you
Quest ce que tu as fait ce matin,
Ce matin jai visite la ville,
Dimanche dernier on passe la jour...
13  cards
Unit 4: Regular IR, RE verbs + expressions of past time
34  cards
Unit 4: Helping at Home, Sequencers, Past Time
Faire la cuisine,
Faire la vaisselle,
Faire les courses
22  cards
Past tense of key verbs
J ai joue,
J ai mange,
J ai travaille
32  cards
Unit 5: Buys drinks in a café, buy snacks
Quest ce que tu prends,
Pour moi,
Je voudrais
46  cards
Unit 5: Ice cream, Likes/Dislikes, Simple Menu, New items of food, order a meal
Je voudrais une glace sil vous plait,
Quel parfum,
Une glace a la fraise au citron
48  cards
Unit 6: Ask for information about train journeys, Ask where places are, Recognise Station Signs, etc
Pardon monsieur madame,
Le train pour paris part a quelle...,
Le train pour rouen part de quel ...
40  cards
Unit 6: Buy a ticket, ask if the seat is free, other travel vocabulary
Un aller simple pour bordeaux,
Un aller retour pour la rochelle,
Cette place est occupee
26  cards
Unit 6: Perfect Tense verbs which use être
26  cards
Unit 7: Talk about clothes and what to wear
Un anorak,
Des baskets,
Une casquette
54  cards
Unit 7: Describe people and things
36  cards
Unit 7: Feeling ill, Explain what's wrong, Doctor, What you are told
Je ne vais pas tres bien,
Ca ne va pas tres bien,
Ca ne va pas mieux
25  cards
Unit 3: School
La bibliotheque,
La cour,
La cantine
64  cards
Unit 3: Morning and Evening Routines
Le matin,
Je me leve,
Je me lave
13  cards
Unit 3 School Subjects
L anglais,
Le dessin,
L eps
32  cards
Unit 3: Opinions
Ce nest pas,
18  cards
Unit 3: Reflexive Verbs
Se reveiller,
Se lever,
Se laver
28  cards
Aller + Pouvoir
Je vais,
Tu vas,
Il elle va
24  cards
Verb Tenses: Present (Regular ER, IR, RE)
I play,
You s play,
He she plays
26  cards
Verb Tenses: Past (Perfect)
I ate,
I watched,
I saw
19  cards
Verb Tenses: Future (Aller + Infinitive)
I am going to eat,
I am going to play,
I am going to go
10  cards
Verb Tenses: Present (common irregular)
I am,
I go,
I do
10  cards
Unit 7 Parts of Body
Le visage,
Le cou,
Le coude
21  cards

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