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Chapter 15 Arson
Legal categories of arson 2,
The police and fire relationship ...,
Preliminary investigation for arson
22  cards
2701 simple assault,
2702 agg assault,
2703 assault by prisoner
16  cards
Ch 11 Crimes Code (Fines)
1101 fines a person who has been ...,
1102 sentence for murder murder o...,
11021 sentence for persons under ...
5  cards
Crimes Code
Criminal solicitation 902,
903 criminal conspiracy,
901 criminal attempt
34  cards
Appendix A Collection/preservation Evidence
Evidence stained with bodily flui...,
How must evidence be sealed,
How is serology and dna analysis ...
6  cards
Ch 17 White Collar Crime
Confidence games,
The pigeon drop,
The bank examiner scheme
21  cards
Chapter 16- Drug Trafficking And Gangs
Copping areas,
Two types of crack houses,
Hybrid gangs
14  cards
Glossary Terms Part 1
Abandoned children,
Absolute judgement
144  cards
Chapter 15 Arson COPY
0  cards
Chapter 18, Preparation for Court
Officers should disclose the foll...,
Investigators courtroom checklist,
Testifying in court
13  cards
glossary terms part 2 (D-R)
Dying declaration,
Electronic evidence,
Electronic surveillance
230  cards
glossary terms R-Z
Reasonable deadly force,
Reasonable grounds,
Recovery time
113  cards
Directive 5.1 Investigations of Controlled Substances
The forfeiture section will be im...,
To avoid double jeopardy challeng...,
The purchase or knowing receipt o...
17  cards
Chapter 27 Assault (PACC)
2701 simple assault,
2702 aggravated assault,
27021 assault of leo
22  cards
Chapter 28 PACC Kidnapping
2901 kidnapping
1  cards
Directive 5.1 FBI jurisdiction
When a violation of any of the fe...
1  cards
Dir 5.3 Pawnbrokers
When are pawn tickets collected,
Who is responsible to ensure that...,
Who is responsible for processing...
6  cards
Dir. 5.4 Extraordinary Occurrences in cell blocks
Which of the following cell block...,
Who handles investigations of sui...,
True or false if a person in poli...
3  cards
DIR 5.5 Juveniles in custody
Who will telephone the juveniles ...,
What age prior to transport is th...,
Juveniles who are found to be abs...
20  cards
Dir 5.7 search warrant
Consent to strip search must be a...,
For a consent to search to be val...,
Whenever a search warrant is serv...
19  cards
dir 5.9 informants
Vouchers for payments in excess o...,
The commanding officer will,
The integrity control officer____...
11  cards
Causing or risking a catastrophe ...,
Causing or risking a catastrophe ...,
Causing or risking a catastrophe ...
51  cards
Possession of a weapon in a court...,
Possession of a weapon in court f...,
Possession of a weapon in court f...
26  cards
Who is in charge of s hazmat scent,
What are the 3 hazmat zones,
Who is the only personnel allowed...
31  cards
Prostitution 3rd offense,
Prostitution 4th offense,
Prostitution knowing you have hiv
30  cards
Flight to avoid prosecution arres...,
Burglary occupied or place meant ...,
Burglary if the structure is not ...
24  cards
Sale of tobacco to minors using t...,
Possession of a firearm convicted...,
Disorderly conduct
33  cards
dir patrol investigations
What amount of marijuana is consi...,
A small amount of marijuana less ...,
Does the purchase or receipt of m...
131  cards
Monetary fine for f1 or f2 convic...,
Monetary fine for f3 conviction,
Monetary fine for m1 conviction
39  cards
Arson endangering persons if the ...,
Arson endangering persons if the ...,
Arson endangering property sets f...
33  cards
Ewoc grading offense ewoc ongoing...,
Dealing in infant children sellin...,
Bribery in political matters grad...
46  cards
1 corruption of minors crime grad...,
1 sale of explosives to minor und...,
1 all tobacco offenses concerning...
21  cards
Missing persons directive
Who determines the category of re...,
Whenever ncic inquiry is made con...,
All adult missing person info wil...
11  cards
Page 536-366 Crimes Code starting with 902 Solicitation
902 criminal solicitation,
901 criminal attempt,
903 criminal conspiracy
57  cards
Crimes Code Pg 566-600
2717 terrorism,
2901 kidnapping,
2902 unlawful restraint
49  cards
PP 600 - 634 (Ch 33)
3301 arson and related,
3301 aggravated arson,
3302 causing or risking catsrophe
60  cards
Ch 1 Source book Foundations
Henry fielding,
The bow street runners,
Eugene francois vidocq
26  cards
CC pg 634 - 665
4301 bigamy,
4302 incest,
4303 concealing death of child
70  cards
Crimes code P 698 - 727
5746 cost reimbursement,
5747 civil action,
5749 retention of certain records
25  cards
CC pp 727-758
6301 corruption of minors,
6302 sale or lease of weapons and...,
6303 sale of starter pistols
81  cards
CC pp 758 --790
7364 selling or otherwise dealing...,
7365 trading in motor vehicles an...,
7501 removal of mobile home to ev...
31  cards
Rules of Criminal Procedure
Rule 150 bench warrants,
Rule 151 bench warrant procedures...,
Rule 201 purpose of search warrant
12  cards
Practice Test
3 types of fingerprint patterns,
3 types of sketching methods,
A person is guilty of this crime ...
137  cards

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