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Ch. 1 Practicing the Science and Art of Psychiatric Nursing.
1 which outcome focused on recove...,
A patient is hospitalized for dep...,
3 in the shift change report an o...
15  cards
Ch. 2 Mental Health & Mental Illness
1 an 86 year old previously healt...,
2 which organization actively see...,
3 a patient is admitted to the ps...
17  cards
Ch. 4 Biological Basis for Understanding Psychopharmacology
1 a patient asks a nurse what are...,
2 the parent of an adolescent dia...,
3 a patient has dementia the heal...
27  cards
Ch. 7 The Nursing Process and QSEN: The Foundation for Safe and Effective Care
1 a new staff nurse completes ori...,
2 a newly admitted patient with m...,
3 a patient with major depressive...
28  cards
Ch. 8: Communication Skills: Medium for All Nursing Practice.
1 a patient says to the nurse i d...,
2 a patient diagnosed with schizo...,
3 the patient says my marriage is...
22  cards
Ch. 9: Therapeutic Relationships 
1 a nurse assesses a confused old...,
2 which statement shows a nurse h...,
3 after several therapeutic encou...
30  cards
Ch. 15 Mood Disorders: Depression
1 a patient became severely depre...,
2 a patient became depressed afte...,
3 a nurse wants to reinforce posi...
33  cards
Ch. 23 Suicidal Thoughts & Behaviors
1 which changes in brain biochemi...,
2 a college student failed two te...,
3 a nurse uses the sad persons sc...
32  cards
Worksheet for Quiz 1
Manic episode
43  cards
Chapter 16: Bipolar Spectrum Disorders
1 a person is directing traffic o...,
2 a patient diagnosed with bipola...,
A patient experiencing mania has ...
35  cards
Chapter 14: Eating Disorders
1 over the past year a woman has ...,
2 disturbed body image is the nur...,
3 a patient who is referred to th...
29  cards
Chapter 17: Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
1 a person diagnosed with schizop...,
2 a newly admitted patient diagno...,
3 a patient diagnosed with schizo...
38  cards
Chapter 11: Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
1 a nurse wishes to teach alterna...,
2 a patient approaches the nurse ...,
3 a patient experiencing moderate...
39  cards
Chapter 12: Somatoform Disorders and Dissociative Disorders
1 a medical surgical nurse works ...,
2 a patient has blindness related...,
3 a patient has blindness related...
30  cards
Chapter 10: Stress and Stress-Related Disorders
1 which scenario best demonstrate...,
2 a patient diagnosed with liver ...,
3 a person with a fear of heights...
22  cards
Chapter 6: Legal and Ethical Basis for Practice
1 a psychiatric nurse best implem...,
2 which action by a psychiatric n...,
3 two hospitalized patients fight...
26  cards
Exam 2
Acute stress disorder,
Post traumatic disorder,
Generalized anxiety disorder
48  cards
Chapter 13: Personality Disorders
1 a therapist recently convicted ...,
2 which intervention is appropria...,
3 as a nurse prepares to administ...
28  cards
Chapter 26: Children and Adolescents
1 a 5 year old child moves and ta...,
2 a child diagnosed with attentio...,
3 a 5 year old child diagnosed wi...
27  cards
Chapter 19: Addictions and Compulsions
1 a patient with a history of dai...,
2 a woman in the last trimester o...,
3 a patient was admitted last nig...
44  cards
Chapter 20: Crisis and Mass Disaster
1 a patient comes to the clinic w...,
2 a patient comes to the clinic w...,
3 a patient comes to the crisis c...
28  cards
Chapter 21: Child, Partner, and Elder Violence
1 a nurse visits the home of an 1...,
2 an 11 year old child is absent ...,
3 what feelings are most commonly...
26  cards
Chapter 22: Sexual Violence
1 a nurse works with a person who...,
2 a person was abducted and raped...,
3 a person was abducted and raped...
26  cards
Chapter 24: Anger, Aggression, and Violence
1 which behavior best demonstrate...,
2 which scenario predicts the hig...,
3 a patient is hospitalized after...
30  cards
Chapter 5: Settings for Psychiatric Care
1 planning for patients with ment...,
2 a patient is hospitalized for a...,
3 a multidisciplinary health care...
22  cards
Final Exam
Personality disorders,
Defense mechanisms of personality...,
Personality disorder clusters 10 ...
13  cards

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