4000 essential english words 2

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Unit 01
When a person is _ they worry tha...,
When something is _ it is very bad,
To _ of is to be made of parts of...
20  cards
Unit 02
To _ means to take someone or som...,
A _ is a building with strong wal...,
To _ someone is to tell them to d...
20  cards
Unit 03
An _ is a thin straight stick sho...,
A _ is a fight between two armies...,
A _ is a weapon made of curved wo...
20  cards
Unit 04
The _ is the front part of a pers...,
If you have _ about something you...,
A _ is a really bad thing that ha...
20  cards
Unit 05
An _ is a family member from the ...,
An _ is the direction from which ...,
A _ is a heavy shoe that goes ove...
20  cards
Unit 06
If someone goes or travels _ they...,
To _ someone is to make them mad,
A _ is a woman who is getting mar...
20  cards
Unit 07
To do something on time s _ is ho...,
_ is the study of living things,
A _ is something that holds an an...
20  cards
Unit 08
If something is _ it is wide,
A _ is a plant with many thin bra...,
If someone or something is _ of s...
20  cards
Unit 09
To _ someone is to like them for ...,
To _ someone is to help them when...,
To _ something is to try to do th...
20  cards
Unit 10
A _ is someone who lives in a cer...,
A council is a group of people wh...,
To declare is to say something of...
20  cards
Unit 11
_ is the act of allowing to enter...,
_ is the study of the starts and ...,
To blame someone for something ba...
20  cards
Unit 12
To _ someone or something means t...,
To _ something means you have eno...,
To _ means to cook food with heat
20  cards
Unit 13
When someone has anxiety they hav...,
An _ is a large group of people w...,
A _ is a very large number 1 000 ...
20  cards
Unit 14
If something is _ it is easy to see,
When people are _ they cannot see,
To _ is to find an answer using math
20  cards
Unit 15
To _ a liquid means to take it in...,
A _ is a person in charge of othe...,
A _ is a group of people who meet...
20  cards
Unit 16
A _ is an old world for a bedroom,
To _ something is to say it is no...,
A _ is an official piece of writing
20  cards
Unit 17
An _ is a goal someone wants to m...,
To _ is to put two things together,
To _ is to risk money on the resu...
20  cards
Unit 18
_ is the quality of a person bein...,
_ is the growing of food and animal,
A _ is a funny drawing
20  cards
Unit 19
To _ someone is to make them as a...,
To _ is to ask for something one ...,
If a is beyond b a is farther away
20  cards
Unit 20
To _ something means to finish it,
To _ of something means you like ...,
_ means to be close to an exact a...
20  cards
Unit 21
When you are _ you are not asleep,
An _ is a person that goes intoou...,
When you have_ you are not afraid
20  cards
Unit 22
An _ is something that warns peop...,
When people or things are apart t...,
To _ someone means to catch them ...
20  cards
Unit 23
If two things or people are _ the...,
To _ someone means to bother them,
_ is the style or way a building ...
20  cards
Unit 24
A _ is water in a tub people take...,
To _ is to move something so it i...,
To _ is to move your mouth to bre...
20  cards
Unit 25
To admit something means to say t...,
A _ is a container that holds things,
A _ is a deep round dish that hol...
20  cards
Unit 26
To _ someone of something is to b...,
To _ something means to change it...,
To _ someone means to do somethin...
20  cards
Unit 27
To _ someone or something is to c...
20  cards
Unit 28
To _ other people means to join t...,
When something is _ it is plain i...,
A _ is the part of a tree with le...
20  cards
Unit 29
If ideas are _ they are based on ...,
If something is _ is happens once...,
_ is a type of heavy wet soil use...
20  cards
Unit 30
To _ to someone is to be interest...,
To _ something is to think that i...,
To _ something is to take it and ...
20  cards

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