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HVAC 6010 - Heat Gains and Losses (Chp 1)
External heat gains in a building...,
Which of the following methods ca...,
Thermal conductance c may be defi...
11  cards
HVAC 6021 - Steam Heating Equipment (Chp 2)
Unit ventilators are a ceiling mo...,
A radiator valve is used to contr...,
Unlike convectors unit heaters us...
12  cards
HVAC 6022 - Steam Heating Systems (Chp 3)
Finned convectors should be kept ...,
A _____ for a steam heating syste...,
All supply and drain lines of a s...
10  cards
HVAC 6018 - Hot Water Heating Systems (Chp 4)
A hot water boiler of the same ou...,
A hot water heating system is als...,
Snow melting systems are usually ...
10  cards
HVAC 6017 - Hot Water Heating System Equipment and Operation (Chp 5)
An air pocket in a hot water heat...,
Firing a hot water boiler after r...,
The expansion tank in a hot water...
13  cards
HVAC 6024 - Warm Air Heating System Equipment (Chp 6)
Heat may be added to a building s...,
In high efficiency furnaces if th...,
One of the advantages forced warm...
9  cards
HVAC 6023 - Warm Air Furnace Components and Maintenance (Chp 7)
Warm air furnace burners should b...,
Dirty warm air furnace filters re...,
One common cause for warm air fur...
9  cards
HVAC 6013 - Ventilation and Air Filters (Chp 8)
In a mechanical air intake natura...,
Which of the following is conside...,
An example of visible solid parti...
10  cards
HVAC 6019 - Infrared and Electric Heating (Chp 9)
Infrared heaters send out _____ e...,
A low temperature catalytic heate...,
Infrared radiant energy is direct...
10  cards
HVAC 6011 - Humidification (Chp 10)
The residential humidifier is com...,
To prevent condensation on window...,
Which of the following is not a r...
9  cards
HVAC 6014 - Electric Controls for Heating Systems (Chp 11)
The bimetal sensing element consi...,
Using electricity for control pur...,
A transformer is a device that is...
9  cards
PIPE 6001 - Building Water Supply Systems (Chp 12)
The rp dcva and the pvb must be v...,
The back flow prevention method t...,
A hot water mixing valve is a a f...
10  cards
PIPE 6006 - Sanitary Drainage Systems (Chp 13)
A common seal plumbing trap has a...,
Which of the following has a trap...,
The flushometer valve stays close...
11  cards
ELEC 6006 - Lighting Systems (Chp 14)
The efficiency of each type of la...,
Low voltage switching of lighting...,
A luminaire is a a lamp ballastb ...
11  cards
RFRG 6036 - Refrigeration Theory (Chp 15)
The net refrigerating effect of a...,
Heat that causes a drop in temper...,
How many kilowatt hours will a 24...
10  cards
RFRG 6006 - Refrigerants (Chp 16)
The refrigerating effect of a ref...,
Which of the following characteri...,
The ability of a refrigerant to b...
12  cards
RFRG 6005 - Compression Refrigeration Systems (Chp 17)
Which of the following is not a c...,
The function of the condenser is ...,
Which of the following are princi...
11  cards
RFRG 6010 - Refrigeration Compressors (Chp 18)
Which of the following compressor...,
In a rotating vane design rotary ...,
The safety head of a refrigeratio...
11  cards
PPEQ 6004 - Heat Exchangers for Refrigeration Systems (Chp 19)
An evaporator that increases heat...,
The refrigeration plant condenser...,
The amount of water used in an ev...
10  cards
RFRG 6009 - Refrigeration Accessories (Chp 20)
A chemical dot placed under the g...,
In order to have even refrigerant...,
Which of the following statements...
10  cards
PPEQ 6002 - Cooling Towers (Chp 21)
Two types of cooling towers are a...,
What is the difference between a ...,
Natural draft cooling towers oper...
11  cards
HVAC 6005 - Air Conditioning Systems I (Chp 22)
Dual duct central air conditionin...,
Which central air conditioning sy...,
The unitary air conditioning syst...
11  cards
RFRG 6012 - Refrigeration Metering Devices and Capacity Controls (Chp 23)
The most widely used refrigerant ...,
Manual or hand operated expansion...,
What will be the effect if an ins...
11  cards
RFRG 6011 - Refrigeration Cycle Controls (Chp 24)
Oil pressure failure switches are...,
Which of the following statements...,
The maximum setting of a pressure...
10  cards
RFRG 6004 - Compression Refrigerations System Pre-Start Up Procedures (Chp 25)
The presence of non condensable g...,
Non condensable gases tend to acc...,
A sulphur candle is a test for a ...
15  cards
RFRG 6003 - Compression Refrigeration System Operations (Chp 26)
The safety control on a centrifug...,
Which of the following code books...,
Before starting a compression ref...
10  cards
CMPR 6001 - Air Compression (Chp 27)
Which of the following types of a...,
Compressor lubrication oil provid...,
The compressor that would favour ...
10  cards
PUMP 6019 - Types of Pumps (Chp 28)
Which of the following types of p...,
A rotary pump 1 is a variety of d...,
The vertical distance from the li...
10  cards
PUMP 6012 - Pump Operations and Maintenance (Chp 29)
If a centrifugal pump losing its ...,
Two types of pump shaft misalignm...,
A mechanical pump seal a is used ...
16  cards
LUBR 6001 - Lubrication (Chp 30)
A material that is commonly used ...,
Which of the following purposes o...,
The viscosity of oil 1 is the tem...
12  cards
LUBR 6002 - Types of Bearing Lubrication (Chp 31)
A thrust bearing a should rotate ...,
A kingsbury bearing is which type...,
Damage to bearings due to vibrati...
8  cards
TRBN 6013 - Microturbines (Chp 32)
Starting a microturbine a cannot ...,
A microturbine system is most lik...,
What types of energy is supplied ...
7  cards
ELEC 6400 - Internal Combustion Gen-Sets (Chp 33)
The most common starting method o...,
To be synchronized with and elect...,
The name of the panel that allows...
6  cards
FINAL - Book 2 Review
1 the chilled water temperature s...,
2 what brine temperature is used ...,
3 what size packing should be use...
59  cards

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