a cloud guru - aws sysops administrator associate (2019)

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Cloud Watch
Cloudwatch default host level met...,
True or false ram utilization req...,
Cloudwatch metrics minimum granul...
49  cards
Monitoring ELB
3 types of load balancers,
4 ways to monitor load balancers,
Differences cloudwatch vs cloudtrail
25  cards
Monitoring ElastiCache
4 monitoring attributes,
True or false memcached is multit...,
Memcached maximum cpu load
21  cards
AWS Organizations
What is aws organizations,
True or false aws organizations a...,
Can you control access across all...
10  cards
AWS Resource Groups and Tagging
What are tags in aws,
What do tags represent,
Can tags be inherited
16  cards
EC2 Pricing
What types of pricing models exis...,
What use case would be appropriat...,
What use case would be appropriat...
10  cards
AWS Config
What is aws config,
What does aws config enable for c...,
What does aws config provide for ...
28  cards
Health Dashboards
What is a service health dashboard,
What is a personal health dashboard,
What is the url for health dashbo...
4  cards
Quiz - Monitoring and reporting
Which of the following services c...,
Which of the following services i...,
Which service allows you to manag...
17  cards
EC2 Launch Issues
What does the instancelimitexceed...,
What is the default limit of ec2 ...,
If you need more than 20 ec2 inst...
14  cards
EBS Volumes and IOPS
What are the two variants of ssd,
What does iops stand for,
What does iops benchmark
13  cards
Bastion Host
Is the bastion host located in a ...,
What does a bastion host allow yo...,
How is a bastion host used
9  cards
Elastic Load Balancers
Three types of elb,
The load balancer that operates a...,
The load balancer that operates a...
17  cards
ELB CloudWatch Metrics
By default elb publishes metrics to,
True or false elb publishes targe...,
By default elb cloudwatch metrics...
15  cards
AWS Systems Manager
What is aws systems manager ssm,
Does ssm integrate with cloudwatch,
Does ssm allow you to select from...
16  cards
Elasticity & Scalability 101
In aws to what does elasticity refer,
In aws to what does scalability r...,
In ec2 to what does scalability r...
11  cards
RDS And Multi-AZ Failover
What is rds multi az,
How does rds multi az work,
When aws rds implements failover ...
11  cards
RDS & Using Read Replicas
What are read replicas,
How can a read replica be created,
Can you have a read replica of a ...
35  cards
RDS What Versions
What are the two methods of looki...,
Using the rds console what are th...,
Using cli what is the command to ...
4  cards
What is elasticache,
What benefit does in memory cache...,
What is caching
13  cards
Aurora 101
What is aurora,
With which db engines is aurora c...,
How many times faster is aurora t...
31  cards
Troubleshooting auto-scaling group
True or false an ec2 instance wil...,
True or false if a security group...,
True or false if an instance type...
9  cards
High Availability Quiz
Amazon elasticache can fulfil a n...,
Your application has a requiremen...,
Which aws feature allows you to m...
5  cards
Introduction to S3
What is s3,
Can you host simple websites in s3,
Is s3 object or block storage
34  cards
S3 Lifecycle Policies
What are s3 lifecycle policies,
What can you do with s3 lifecycle...,
What are lifecycle rules based upon
6  cards
S3 MFA delete and Versioning
What is s3 versioning,
What does versioning do,
True or false versioning protects...
9  cards
S3 Encryption
What three states can data be enc...,
What protocols do in transit encr...,
What does ssl stand for
12  cards
EC2 Volume Types
What is the difference between in...,
What 2 types of volumes are there,
True or false a root device can b...
30  cards
Encryption & Downtime
True or false for most aws resour...,
If you have an existing efs file ...,
If you have an existing rds datab...
26  cards
What is included in an ami,
What does ami stand for,
True or false an ami includes a t...
20  cards
Snowball & Snowball Edge
What is snowball,
How is snowball used,
True or false snowball data trans...
13  cards
Storage Gateway
What is storage gateway,
What virtualization platforms doe...,
What is the intention of storage ...
18  cards
Introducing Athena
What is athena,
True or false athena is an ami an...,
What is the pricing model for athena
7  cards
Compliance on AWS
What are the three compliance sta...,
What does iso stand for,
Which iso standard concerns aws
41  cards
Aws ddos whitepaper location,
What does ddos stand for,
What is a ddos attack
25  cards
AWS Marketplace - Security Products
What is aws marketplace,
True or false you can buy subscri...,
True or false marketplace product...
8  cards
MFA & Reporting With IAM Lab
Through which ways can you enable...,
True or false mfa can only be ena...,
Which aws service would you use t...
4  cards
Security Token Service
What does sts stand for,
What does sts do,
From which sources can users take...
16  cards
What are the 4 services in aws th...,
What does cloudtrail log,
What does config log
11  cards
AWS Hypervisors
What is a hypervisor or virtual m...,
What is a computer that runs one ...,
What is a virtual machine on a ho...
17  cards
EC2 dedicated instances vs dedicated hosts
What are dedicated instances,
True or false dedicated instances...,
True or false dedicated instances...
13  cards
AWS Systems Manager and EC2 Run Commands
What can you do with systems mana...,
True or false like most aws servi...,
For which aws services will you f...
11  cards
AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store
What is a basic use case of the p...,
Where will you find the parameter...,
What are the three types of param...
9  cards
Securing S3 using Pre-Signed URLs
What is the cli command to create...,
What is the cli command to list t...,
What is the cli command to list y...
10  cards
AWS Config with s3
Which aws config s3 rules should ...,
What is the aws config s3 bucket ...,
What is the aws config s3 bucket ...
3  cards
AWS Inspector vs AWS Trusted Advisor
What is aws inspector,
After performing an assessment wh...,
How can aws inspector findings be...
26  cards
Shared Responsibility Model
What is the shared responsibility...,
Examples of aws responsibilities,
What is aws global infrastructure
21  cards
Other Security Aspects
To fill gaps between ACG training, and new exam topics that have come up.
33  cards
Security and Compliance Exam Tips
If you need an aws service to hav...,
How can you create a new iam policy,
When you attach a role to an ec2 ...
48  cards
VPC Overview
What is a vpc,
True or false you have complete c...,
True or false you can create a ha...
48  cards
Introduction to CloudFormation
What is cloudformation,
How are resourced defined in clou...,
How does cloudformation use the t...
20  cards
Introducing ElasticBeanstalk
What is elasticbeanstalk,
What are some examples of program...,
What are some web application ser...
6  cards
What is opsworks,
True or false to use opsworks you...,
True or false opsworks is compati...
8  cards
What resources get created automa...,
What does not get created when yo...,
How many ip addresses from your s...
19  cards
NAT Instances & NAT Gateways
Where do you get the nat ami,
Does the nat exist within your pu...,
What must you disable for a nat i...
23  cards
Network ACLs and Security Groups
To how many nacls can a subnet be...,
Amazon recommends nacl rule s be ...,
To how many vpcs can a nacl be as...
15  cards
VPC Flowlogs
What are vpc flow logs,
How are vpc flow logs stored,
Flow logs can be created at three...
12  cards
VPC CIDR Calculations
What is the largest cidr block ra...,
For the certified sysops certific...,
There are four values that a cidr...
18  cards
Direct Connect Gateways
What is aws direct connect gateway,
If you get a question about a cus...,
For a region to use a direct conn...
3  cards
DNS 101
What is dns,
How many bits in an ipv4 address,
How many ipv4 addresses can exist
29  cards
Routing Policies
What is the simple routing policy,
What is a weighted routing policy,
What is latency based routing
7  cards
CIDR 24 - 28
5  cards

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