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Nora Act 1
One two three four,
It was i,
Play the fool
11  cards
Torvald Act 1
Oh nora,
What an expensive pet,
Hes so proud of being a man itd b...
5  cards
Linde/Krogstad Act 1
These last three years have been,
Cut off,
I have no papa
7  cards
Nora Act 2
How could you bear to give your c...,
If little squirrel,
Id turn myself into a little fair...
13  cards
Torvald Act 2
An exit should always,
I pretend to myself,
Young and
10  cards
Linde/Krogstad Act 2
I want,
To float up again ugly,
Now im a shipwrecked
6  cards
I have loved you as deeply as,
Especially a poor spine which,
All this to atone for someone
7  cards
Ibsen creates an illusion of,
Nora is only a source of enjoymen...,
He revealed marriage to be far fr...
11  cards
From the Antique, Maude Clare
Doubly blank in,
I wish and i wish i were,
None would
11  cards
Song, Remember
When you can no longer hold me,
Better by far you should forget a...,
For if the darkness and corruptio...
9  cards
In the Round Tower at Jhansi, Up-hill
Does the road wind up hill all th...,
They will not keep,
Of labour you shall find
10  cards
No, Thankyou, John - Twice
I never said,
Will you haunt me,
Meg or moll would take
16  cards
Winter My Secret, Goblin Market
Only my secrets mine,
Suppose there is no secret after all,
To be pecked at by
16  cards
Rossetti Critics
Armstrong goblin market defies th...,
William acton late 1800s report c...,
Eleanor marx women are the creati...
10  cards
Conceal me,
I am all the daughters of my fath...,
Was this not
8  cards
So quickly may,
Till seven years hence,
Poor lady she were
7  cards
If music be the food,
Give me,
Thy mind
10  cards
He that is well hanged,
Many a good hanging,
The fool shall
9  cards
Some kind,
Art thou more,
To be
7  cards
Are all the,
If it be thus to dream,
How have the hours
7  cards
Maria, Toby, Andrew
I pray you bring your hand to,
My lady will hang thee for,
Rub your chain with
7  cards
Twelfth night critics
Tonkin it rejects the stale conve...,
Tonkin in shakespeare great love is,
Tonkin orsino is a
16  cards
Twelfth Night stage
1969 barton,
1994 judge,
1997 noble
6  cards

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