a-level aqa history - weimar & nazi germany

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Chapter 1 - Impact of war, the political crises of October to November 1918, and the establishment of the Weimar constitution
When did kaiser wilhelm ii abdicate,
What did kaiser wilhelm cry when ...,
What is a republic
111  cards
Chapter 2 - The impact of the Versailles settlement on Germany
What is a diktat,
When was the peace conference con...,
When were german delegates given ...
59  cards
Chapter 3 - Economic and social problems in Germany, 1919-24
What did germany s defeat do to t...,
How did britain finance the unpre...,
How did wartime governments in ge...
66  cards
Chapter 4 - political instability and extremism, 1919-24
Why was the fragmentation of poli...,
Why were all governments in the w...,
What were many parties dedicated to
88  cards
Chapter 5 - Economic developments
When did cuno s government collapse,
What had happened by the time str...,
What were the three key steps tha...
75  cards
Chapter 6 - Social and cultural developments in Germany 1924-28
What did the social welfare refor...,
How many disabled war veterans wa...,
How many war widows was the state...
80  cards
Chapter 7 - Political developments and the working of democracy, 1924-28
How many elections were there in ...,
What did the elections in 1924 in...,
What percentage of people voted f...
63  cards
Chapter 8 - Germany's international position, 1924-28
When was the dawes plan,
When was the locarno pact,
When was germany admitted to the ...
50  cards
Chapter 9 - The impact of the Depression of 1929
When was black thursday,
What was black thursday,
What happened on the 29th of octo...
73  cards
Chapter 10 - The appeal of Nazism and communism
Where did the nazi s core support...,
Where were the nazis main gains made,
How did the nazis try and exploit...
76  cards
Chapter 11 - The appointment of Hitler as Chancellor
When was hitler invited to become...,
Although hitler was the leader of...,
What did hitler s appointment inv...
73  cards
Chapter 12 - The Establishment of the Nazi dictatorship, January - March 1933
What was the stahlhelm,
When was hitler appointed chancel...,
Why did hitlers first cabinet mee...
41  cards
Chapter 13 - Hitler's consolidation of power, March 1933 to August 1934
What were the political and const...,
When was the enabling act passed,
When was the 1st law for the coor...
59  cards
Chapter 14 - The 'Terror State'
What was the result of the nazi c...,
What police forces existed,
What were the orpo
99  cards
Chapter 15 - Economic policies
How many people were out of work ...,
What was the economic policy of t...,
What were hitler s economic aims
51  cards
Chapter 16 - Social policies
What were the two main ways the n...,
How did the nazis establish contr...,
How did the nazis control the cur...
105  cards
Chapter 17 - The radicalisation of the State
How many phases were there in the...,
What was phase 1 of the developme...,
What was phase 2 of the developme...
59  cards
Chapter 18 - Nazi policies towards the Jews, 1933-37
When did the nazis impose a boyco...,
How did hitler justify the boycot...,
How did goebbels try and maximise...
22  cards
Chapter 19 - The development of anti-semitic policies, 1938-40
When did the registration of jewi...,
When were jewish passporsts stamp...,
When were jews forbidden to visit...
78  cards
Chapter 20 - Policies towards the Jews, 1940-41
Why did all of the initial events...,
How many jews immediately came un...,
What instruction did hitler issue...
36  cards
Chapter 21 - The impact of war on German society
What was a principle aim of nazi ...,
What was one of the critical fact...,
When were the first decrees about...
106  cards
Chapter 22 - The wartime economy and the work of Speer
When did the german economy actua...,
What did the fact that the econom...,
When did supply problems begin to...
41  cards
Chapter 23 - The 'Final Solution'
What problems led to the nazis pu...,
When was the wannsee conference,
Why did the wannsee conference ha...
41  cards
Chapter 24 - Opposition and Resistance in wartime
What induced a mood of growing sc...,
What happened as a result of incr...,
Why did the majority of germans r...
40  cards

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