a-level business studies (theme 3)

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3.1.1 Corporate Objectives
What is a mission statement,
What is the hierarchy of business...,
What are some criticisms of missi...
12  cards
3.1.2 Theories of corporate strategy
What are corporate timescales,
What are the uses of ansoff s matrix,
What are the limitations of ansof...
13  cards
3.1.3 SWOT analysis
What are strengths,
What are weaknesses,
What are opportunities
5  cards
3.1.4 Impact of external influences
What is an external influence,
What is a pestle analysis,
How may politics affect a business
14  cards
3.2.1 Growth
What is business growth,
What are the 4 objectives of growth,
What are the benefits of eos
19  cards
3.2.2 Mergers and takeovers
What is a merger,
What is a take over,
What are the 2 tactical reasons f...
15  cards
3.2.3 Organic growth
What is inorganic growth,
What are some common causes of or...
10  cards
3.2.4 Reasons for staying small
What are the benefits to a small ...,
How are usps beneficial to a smal...
7  cards
3.4.3 Shareholders Vs Stakeholders
What is a stakeholder,
What is a shareholder,
What are internal stakeholders
7  cards
3.4.2 Corporate Culture
Define corporate culture,
What are the features of a strong...,
What are the features of a weak c...
14  cards
3.4.1 Corporate Influences
What are corporate timescales,
What is short termism,
How does short termism link to hi...
9  cards
3.4.4 Business Ethics
What are ethics,
What are shareholders interests i...,
What are stakeholders interests i...
7  cards
3.2.2 Mergers and takeovers
What is a merger,
What is a take over,
What are the tactical reasons for...
15  cards
3.3.1 Quantitative sales forecasting
What is quantitative sales foreca...,
What can a business do with qsf i...,
How do you calculate 3 period mov...
5  cards
3.3.2 Investment Appraisal
What is investment appraisal,
How can investment appraisal be u...,
How is investment appraisal used ...
7  cards
3.3.3 Decision trees
What strategies are decision tree...,
How do decision trees work,
What are the limitations of decis...
3  cards
3.5.1 Interpretation Of Financial Statements
What is a statement of comprehens...,
What is the key information on a ...,
Sales revenue
15  cards
3.5.2 Ratio Analysis
Current ratio formula,
Acid test ratio formula,
Gearing ratio formula
4  cards
3.6.1 Causes And Effects Of Change
What are the 6 cause of change in...,
1 changes in organisational size,
2 poor business performance
12  cards
3.6.2 Key Factors In Change
What is change management,
What are the two types of change,
1 planned change what is it
14  cards
3.6.3 Scenario Planning
What is scenario planning,
Scenario planning process,
3 key risks identified through ri...
17  cards
3.3.4 Critical Path Analysis
Define cpa,
What are the 2 main uses of cpa b...,
What are the other uses of cpa
5  cards
3.5.3 Human Resources
Define absenteeism,
What are possible causes for abse...,
What is labour productivity
16  cards

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