a level business theme 2

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Cost of sales,
Operating profit,
Profit for the year
21  cards
2.1.2 External Finance
What are external sources of finance,
What are external methods of finance,
What are benefits of sourcing fro...
9  cards
2.1.1 Internal Finance
What are the two methods of finance,
What are internal sources of finance,
What is owner s capital
18  cards
2.1.3 Liability
What is limited liability,
What is unlimited liability,
Is unlimited liability low or hig...
5  cards
2.1.4 Planning
What is a business plan used for,
What is the contents of a busines...,
What is the purpose of a business...
7  cards
2.2.1 Sales forecasting
What is sales forecasting,
What is the financial purpose of ...,
What is the marketing purpose of ...
7  cards
2.2.2 Sales, Revenue and Costs
What is sales volume,
What is sales revenue,
What is the calculation for sales...
24  cards
2.2.3 Break Even
What does break even mean,
At what point does a business bre...,
What is break even output
21  cards
2.2.4 Budgets
What are budgets,
What can be budgeted,
What is the purpose of setting bu...
19  cards
2.3.1 Profit
What is the defintion for profit,
What is the calculation to find p...,
What are the three types of profit
15  cards
2.3.3 Business Faliure
What are internal causes of busin...,
What are external causes of busin...
2  cards
2.3.2 Liquidity
What is the statement of financia...,
What is net worth,
What are assets
15  cards
2.4.1 Production, Productivity,
What is producitivty,
What is efficiency,
What are the 4 methods of production
21  cards
2.4.2 Capacity Utalisation
What is capacity,
What is capacity utilisation
2  cards
2.4.3 Stock Control
What is stock,
What are the three forms stock ca...,
What do stock control diagramshel...
12  cards
2.4.4 Quality Management
What does quality mean,
What are different customers inte...,
What ways can quality be expresse...
10  cards
2.5.1 Economic influences
What does economy mean,
What is inflation,
What are the 2 measurements of in...
16  cards
2.5.2 Legislation
What is legislation,
What do consumer protection laws ...,
Why are consumer protection laws ...
11  cards
Mock Exam Question Structure
What is needed in a 2 mark question,
What is needed in a 4 mark writin...,
What is needed in a 4 mark calcua...
5  cards

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