a level business year 13

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3.1.1 Corporate Objectives
Mission statement,
Criticisms of mission statement,
What does a mission statement do
11  cards
3.1.2 Theories of corporate strategy
Corporate strategy defined,
What is the anoff s matric,
Uses of ansoff s matrix identify ...
31  cards
3.1.3 SWOT Analysis
What is a internal audit,
What is an external audit,
What areas may a internal audit c...
15  cards
3.1.4 Impact Of External Influences
What is a pestle analysis,
What is political in pestle,
What is economics in pestle
21  cards
3.2.1 Growth
What is business growth,
What are the objectives of growth,
How does growth achieve economies...
24  cards
3.2.2 Mergers And Takeovers
What is backward vertical integra...,
What is forward vertical integration,
What is integration
14  cards
3.2.3 Organic Growth
What is inorganic growth,
What is organic growth,
Key differences between organic a...
11  cards
3.2.4 Reasons For Staying Small
Reasons for staying small,
Personal service,
Owner s preference
17  cards
3.3.1 Quantitative Sales Forecasting
Correlation coefficient
14  cards
3.3.2 Investment Appraisal
What is average rate of return or...,
What is the capital cost,
What is discounted cash flow dcf
16  cards
3.3.3 Decision Trees
What is quantitative approach,
What are decision points,
What are outcomes
8  cards
3.3.4 Critcal Path Analysis
What is the earliest start time,
What is a critical path,
What is critical path analysis cp...
12  cards
3.4.1 Corporate Influences
Corporate timescales defined,
What is short termism,
What is a short termism attitude
19  cards
3.4.2 Corporate Culture
Definition of corporate culture,
Features of a strong culture,
Features of a weak culture
14  cards
3.4.3 Shareholders Vs Stakeholders
Stakeholders defined,
Shareholders defined,
Internal stakeholders
11  cards
3.4.4 Business Ethics
19  cards
3.5.1 Interpretation Of Financial Statements
Finance cost,
Finance income,
What is a statement of financial ...
43  cards
3.5.2 Ratio Analysis
Gearing ratio equation,
Return on capital employed equati...,
Gearing ratios
8  cards
3.5.3 Human Resources
What is labour productivity,
Labour turnover equation,
What is labour retention equation
22  cards
3.6 Managing Chnage
What is organisational change,
What is transformational leadership,
What are causes of change in busi...
32  cards
4.1.1 Growing Economies
What are bric economies,
What is mint economies,
What is an economy
20  cards
4.1.2 International Trade And Business Growth
What are imports,
What are exports,
What is specialisation
17  cards
4.1.3 Factors Contributing To Increased Globalisation
What is globalisation,
What is trade liberalisation,
What is gatt
20  cards
4.1.4 Protectionism
What is protectionism,
Reasons for protectionism,
Protection for domestic industries
22  cards
4.1.5 Trading Blocs
How is trading bloc defined,
Eu trading block,
Asean trading bloc
22  cards
4.2.1 Conditions that prompt growth
What are push factors,
What is a saturated market,
What is a pull factor
21  cards
4.2.2 Assessment of a country as a market
What is disposable income,
Disposable income per household,
Growth of disposable income
15  cards
4.2.3 Assessment of a country as a production location
Why is infrastructure a factor to...,
What is a trade bloc,
Examples of trade blocs
14  cards
4.2.4 Reasons for global mergers or joint ventures
Joint venture defined,
Merger defined,
How does risk affect joint ventures
16  cards
4.2.5 Global competitiveness
Exchange rates defined,
What does spiced stand for,
What does wpidec
21  cards
4.3.1 Marketing
What is ethnocentric domestic app...,
What is polycentric international...,
What is geocentric mixed approach
20  cards
4.3.3 Cultural and social issues
Cultural audit,
High context cultures
12  cards
4.3.4 Niche markets
What are the features of business...,
Why is the internet and e commerc...,
Why is the internet and e commerc...
15  cards
4.4.1 The impact of MNCs
What is the main impact of mncs o...,
What impact do mncs have on local...,
What impact does mncs have on loc...
20  cards
4.4.2 Ethics
What stakeholder issues do consum...,
What stakeholder issues do employ...,
What stakeholder issues do shareh...
17  cards
4.4.3 Controlling MNCs
What are state owned enterprise,
What are problem with soes,
What are beneficiaries
17  cards

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