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3.1.1 Atomic Structure
_____ take up most of the volume ...,
Relative mass for an electron,
What letter rep
88  cards
3.1.2 Amount of Substance
How many particles does 1 mole co...,
What is the formula for convertin...,
How do you calculate the no of mo...
44  cards
3.1.3 Bonding
Define ionic bonding,
Metal atoms ___ electrons to form...,
Non metal atoms ____ electrons to...
136  cards
3.1.4 Energetics
Define enthalpy,
Define enthalpy change h,
State the units for enthalpy chan...
43  cards
3.1.5 Kinetics
What is a reaction rate,
State the formula for a rate of r...,
Name the 2 conditions needed for ...
26  cards
3.1.6 Chemical Equilibria, Le Chatelier's Principle and Kc
Reactants get used up forward rea...,
Products is formed reverse reacti...,
Define dynamic equilibrium
31  cards
3.1.7 Oxidation, Reduction and Redox Equations
What is oxidation,
What is reduction,
What is an oxidising agent
34  cards
3.1.8 Thermodynamics
Define enthalpy change of formation,
Write an equation representing the,
Define bond dissociation enthalpy
72  cards
3.1.9 Electrode Potentials and Electrochemical Cells
What are electrochemical cells ma...,
What occur within electrochemical...,
What do electrochemical cells do
94  cards
3.1.10 Acids and Bases
Define bronsted lowry acids,
When bronsted lowry acids is mixe...,
State the equation for when brons...
101  cards
3.1.11 Rate Equations & 3.1.12 Kp
Define reaction rate,
State the units for reaction rate,
State the expression for reaction...
79  cards
3.2.1 Periodicity
How is the periodic table is arra...,
Elements within a period have sam...,
Elements within a period have sam...
17  cards
3.2.2 Group 2, The Alkaline Earth Metals
Group 2 elements lose __,
Atomic radius _____ down the group,
Why does atomic radius increases ...
47  cards
3.2.3 Group 7, The Halogens
What colour is fluorine,
What colour is chlorine,
What colour is bromine
69  cards
Test for Ions
Describe the test for group 2 ions,
Test for group 2 ionswhat colour ...,
Test for group 2 ionswhat colour ...
33  cards
3.2.4 Properties of Period 3 Elements and their Oxides and Chlorides
Explain why sodium is more reacti...,
Shown in their reactions with water,
Describe how sodium reacts with c...
88  cards
3.2.5 Transition Metals
Which block are transition metals...,
What is a,
State which period 4 d block elem...
176  cards
3.2.6 Reactions of Ions in Aqueous Solution
Describe what happens when transi...,
Explain how water molecules form ...,
Draw fe h2o 6 2
62  cards
3.3.1 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
Define general formulae,
Define molecular formula
65  cards
3.3.2 Alkanes
_____ _____ and _____ have no iso...,
Name 4 physical properties of,
Explain why alkanes are almost no...
73  cards
3.3.3 Halogenoalkanes
What is a halogenoalkane,
Describe 3 physical properties of,
Boiling points increase with incr...
52  cards
3.3.4 Alkenes
Why does the c c double covalent ...,
Why is there restricted rotation ...,
What is the
51  cards
3.3.5 Alcohols
Alcohols have _____ melting and b...,
Why do alcohols have higher melti...,
Oh group of alcohols can
43  cards
3.3.6 Organic Analysis
Describe how you would test for a...,
Describe how you would test for a...,
Describe how you could test for p...
29  cards
3.3.7 Optical Isomerism
What is a chiral or asymmetric ca...,
What are optical isomers called,
Enantiomers are _______ ____ ____
20  cards
3.3.8 Aldehydes and Ketones
Carbonyl compounds,
Draw an aldehyde,
Draw a ketone
27  cards
3.3.9 Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives
Draw the functional group of esters,
State the,
Draw the functional group of esters
99  cards
3.3.10 Aromatic Chemistry
What is the molecular formula of ...,
Describe structure of benzene,
Draw the sketeal formula for benzene
71  cards
3.3.11 Amines
Name the aliphatic amine and stat...,
Name the aliphatic amine and stat...,
Name the aliphatic amine and stat...
43  cards
3.3.12 Polymers
Name 3 examples of condensation p...,
What are polyamides made out of,
Polyamidesstate the name of the b...
33  cards
3.3.13 Amino Acids and Proteins
Why are amino acids co,
Amino acids are,
Draw an amino acid
39  cards
3.3.14 Organic Synthesis
Halogenalkane state the reaction ...,
Halogenalkane primary aminestate ...
31  cards
3.3.15 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Name 2 types of nmr,
What type of atomic nuclei with a...,
What does nuclear spin cause an a...
42  cards
3.3.16 Chromatography
What is the mobile phase,
What is the mobile phase always,
What is the mobile phase
39  cards

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