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PAG 1 - Mole Determination of the composition of copper(II) carbonate
Describe how to set up the appara...,
How can the number of moles of co...,
What is used to accurately measur...
8  cards
PAG 2 - Acid Base Titration
What apparatus is used in a titra...,
Describe how to carry out a acid ...,
When transferring a solution from...
19  cards
PAG 3 - Enthalpy Determination
What is calorimetry,
What type of reaction releases en...,
What type of reaction takes in en...
12  cards
PAG 4 - Qualitative analysis of ions
Describe the chemical test for ha...,
How can so4 2 ions be identified,
Describe the chemical test used t...
5  cards
PAG 5 - Synthesis of an organic liquid Synthesis of a haloalkane
What type of reaction occurs when...,
Write the word and chemical equat...,
What are the 3 main stages in the...
12  cards
PAG 7 - Qualitative analysis of organic functional groups
What reagent is used to test for ...,
What is observed when bromine wat...,
What is observed when bromine wat...
18  cards
PAG 6 - Synthesis of Aspirin
What two reactants are used to sy...,
What is the purpose of concentrat...,
Describe the process of filtratio...
20  cards
PAG 8 - Electrochemical cells
What must a half cell contain,
Define the terms oxidation and re...,
Why must metal electrodes be clea...
13  cards
PAG 9 - Rates of reactions - Continuous Monitoring Method
What is the role of manganese dio...,
What is the purpose of catalysts,
Write the word and chemical equat...
9  cards
PAG 10 - Rates of Reaction - Initial Rates Method
What is a clock reaction,
Briefly describe a method that co...,
How can the order of a reactant b...
10  cards
PAG 11 - pH measurement
Give 3 ways you could identify wh...,
How can litmus paper be used to i...,
How can litmus paper be used to i...
13  cards
PAG 12 - Research skills
What is a prediction using scient...,
What is meant by the term accuracy,
What are variables
28  cards

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