a level economics - theme 3 (business behaviour and the labour market)

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3.1.1 Size and types of firms
Reasons why some firms remain small,
Reasons why firms grow,
What is the divorce of ownership ...
10  cards
3.1.2 Business growth
Why do businesses want to grow,
Circumstances encouraging busines...,
Circumstances preventing business...
33  cards
3.1.3 Demergers
Reasons for demergers,
Impact of demergers on workers
5  cards
3.2.1 Business objectives
The traditional economic theory i...,
Profit maximisation,
Where will a firm aiming to maxim...
12  cards
3.3.1 Revenue
Total revenue,
Total revenue calculation
14  cards
3.3.2 Costs
What is a firm,
What is an industry,
How do firms generate revenue
31  cards
3.3.3 Economies and diseconomies of scale
Economies of scale,
What are the types of economies o...,
11  cards
3.3.4 Normal profits, supernormal profits and losses
What is profit,
What are the two types of profit,
Normal profit
11  cards
3.4.1 Efficiency
Productive efficiency,
Allocative efficiency,
Dynamic efficiency
26  cards
3.4.2 Perfect competition
What are the conditions for perfe...,
Conditions for perfect competitio...,
Conditions for perfect competitio...
20  cards
3.4.3 Monopolistic competition
What are the conditions for monop...,
Monopolistic competition what doe...,
Monopolistic competition what doe...
10  cards
3.4.4 Oligopoly
Examples of oligopolies,
A market is said to be an oligopo...
27  cards
3.4.5 Monopoly
What market share is needed for a...,
Market share,
What is a natural monopoly
29  cards
3.4.6 Monopsony
What is a monopsony,
Are monopsonists price makers,
Examples of a monopsony
13  cards
3.4.7 Contestability
What are the characteristics of a...,
What are the characteristics of a...
12  cards
3.5.1 Demand for labour
The economically active population,
Derived demand,
Potential reasons for a shift in ...
12  cards
3.5.2 Supply of labour
What is an individual s labour su...,
What is an occupation s labour su...,
What happens to the quantity of l...
19  cards
3.5.3 Wage determination
Wage differentials,
Reasons why wage differentials exist,
How does elasticity of supply and...
5  cards
3.5.4 Labour market failure and government intervention
Imperfect information in the labo...,
Consequences of i,
Unemployment in the labour market
16  cards
3.6.1 Government intervention
What markets are regulatory bodie...,
Examples of regulatory bodies in ...,
What methods do regulatory bodies...
39  cards

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a level economics - theme 3 (business behaviour and the labour market)

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