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Measure for Measure
Act 1 scene 4 lucio hail virgin i...,
Key characters,
Act 1 duke key quotes
19  cards
Measure for Measure Terminology
20  cards
Act 3 Scene 1 Terminology
Parallelism antithesis,
Semantic field,
14  cards
Act 3 Scene 2 Terminology
Heroic couplet,
Dramatic irony foreshadowing,
13  cards
A Doll's House Act 2 Quotes
Nora about her children and theme...,
Nurse exclamation to nora not bei...,
Nurse poor girl status in society
20  cards
A Doll's House Act 3 Quotes
Krogstad discussing mrs linde lea...,
Mrs linde life and poverty lesson,
Mrs linde selling herself for the...
25  cards
Critical Viewpoints for Measure for Measure
Dr samuel johnson isabella s feel...,
G wilson knight human responsibil...,
G wilson knight authority of a te...
6  cards
Critical Viewpoints for A Dolls House/Christina Rossetti
Amalie skram will fight till know...,
Muriel bradbrook,
George p landow when i am dead my...
5  cards
The Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 1
Nick chapter 1 discussed reservin...,
Nick chapter 1 wants the world in...,
Nick chapter 1 saying something i...
18  cards
Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 2
Nick valley of something,
Nick discussion of men and alread...,
Nick a billboard eyes
8  cards
Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 3
Nick discussing gatsbys parties o...,
Gatsby consistently calls people ...,
Context of 1920s of women fightin...
8  cards
Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 4
Declaring gatsbys job,
Nick nobody knows anything about ...,
Gatsby discussing how he tried ha...
6  cards
Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 5
Pathetic fallacy of pouring rain,
Nick about gatsby when him and da...,
Pathetic fallacy of the rain stop...
4  cards
Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 6
Green card,
Tom view of gatsby bootlegger,
Tom wanting to find out gatsby s ...
4  cards
Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 7
Tom making into an investigation ...,
George discussing being sick and ...,
Nick discussion of no difference ...
7  cards
Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 8
Losing best part of life,
Discussed that he knew of gatsbys...,
Holocaust complete
3  cards
Great Gatsby Key Quotes Chapter 9
Nobody came to funeral,
Tom discussing gatsby throwing du...,
Careless people
6  cards
Age Of Innocence Quotes
Lawrence lefferts mingotts at the...,
Ellen old place of heaven,
About ellen shouldnt have to slin...
26  cards
Great Gatsby Critical Viewpoints
Anne o neill 2014 gatsby nick is ...,
The pink elephant the guardian 20...,
Anne o neill humans constantly en...
4  cards
Age of Innocence Critical Viewpoints
Carl van doren 1921 victims of th...,
Vs pritchett 1953 wharton hated o...,
Louis auchincloss 1962 only vigor...
6  cards

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