a level history (stuarts)

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English society 1603
Where did james 1 rule previously,
What was the situation like when ...,
How did the political system work
8  cards
Key terms
33  cards
James 1 - New King of England
James 1 personality traits
1  cards
James 1- Financial system issues
Why did james not have enough inc...,
How much money was owed in 1603,
Why did james insist on giving la...
12  cards
How successful was James religiously
What were the fundamental religio...,
What was the purpose of the hampt...,
In what ways was the hampton cour...
9  cards
Why did James and parliament fall out?
Issues over religion,
James economic difficulties,
Foreign policy spanish match
7  cards
Why did Charles and Parliament fall out (1625-29)
What were the 4 fundamental reaso...,
Foreign policy issues,
Finance issues
6  cards
What issues were of the greatest controversy(1625-29)
The rise of arminianism in englan...,
What did arminians believe in,
Why did charles support for armin...
6  cards
How successful was the personal rule (1629-1640)
What were the four major developm...,
How did charles favourability tow...,
How did the policy of thorough ef...
8  cards
What caused the personal rule to breakdown
What was the main causes of the b...,
What events in scotland bishops w...,
How did events in scotland contri...
5  cards
What caused the first civil war
What were the 4 overall main caus...,
Give the 3 examples of parliament...,
How did the grand remonstrance co...
9  cards
Why did Charles lose the first civil war?
What were the four main reasons c...,
How did the new model army contri...,
What was the new model army
8  cards
Why was there a failure to achieve a settlement
What were the 3 main reasons whic...,
How did did the actions of charle...,
How serious were divisions within...
8  cards
Why was Charles executed
What were causes of second civil war,
Treaty of newport 1648,
What was prides purge
9  cards
How harsh was Cromwell in Ireland
Why did parliament send an army t...,
How did cromwells tactics in irel...,
What events occurred at drogheda ...
8  cards
Why did the government of 1649-53 fail?
What problems did the rump face i...,
What actions were conducted in sc...,
What achievements did the rump make
16  cards
How popular was the Protectorate
What form of government followed ...,
When did the first protectorate p...,
What happened in the first protec...
19  cards
1658-1659 Richard Cromwell
When did richard cromwell become ...,
What immediate challenges did ric...,
How did richard cromwell fare as ...
10  cards
What was the most important reason for the Kings return
What were the four most important...,
How did the political weaknesses ...,
How did the unpopularity in the a...
7  cards

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a level history (stuarts)

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