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CUE - Urbanisation: Global Patterns of Urbanisation
Global patterns of urbanisation since 1945.
19  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Key Terms
Million city,
13  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Urbanisation
What are the 2 main causes of urb...,
4 pull factors causing urban growth,
5 push factors causing urban growth
15  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Urban Processes Key Terms
Counter urbanisation,
Greenfield site
13  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Suburbanisation
2 negative impacts of suburbanisa...,
What originally caused suburbanis...,
What 2 things facilitated suburba...
19  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Counter-urbanisation
What is the rural turnaround,
4 things the rural turnaround inv...,
6 causes of counter urbanisation
22  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Urban Resurgence
4 methods of urban resurgence,
1 positive impact of urban resurg...,
2 negative impacts of urban resur...
6  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Urban Change
5 examples of cities and their pa...,
3 main factors that led to the de...,
Why was there variation in unempl...
18  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Urban Change Key Terms
De multiplier effect
6  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Categorising the Impacts of Deindustrilisation
Out migration of population usual...,
Higher levels of crime family bre...,
Loss of jobs and personal disposa...
17  cards
CUE - Urban Climate: Key Terms
14  cards
CUE - Urban Climate
What is the urban climatic dome,
Urban weather has less,
Urban weather has more
30  cards
CUE - Urban Climate: Air Quality
Describe how photochemical pollut...,
5 facts about london s great smog,
How do temperature inversions occur
3  cards
CUE - Urban Climate: Pollution Reduction Policies
Name 8 other pollution reduction ...,
What s zoning of industry,
Explain vehicle control and publi...
4  cards
Greener built environments,
Improved transport,
Planned expansion
12  cards
water pollution
Water pollution,
Water borne infections diseases,
Non point source pollution
6  cards
CUE - Urban Drainage
Hydrology of urban areas,
More or less precipitation in urb...,
Ways in which urban areas move wa...
50  cards
CUE - Urban Waste and its Disposal
6 sources of waste,
Domestic waste generators,
Industrial waste generators
60  cards
CUE - Urban Waste and its Disposal: Amsterdam
Why is waste management an issue ...,
What is lansink s ladder,
What does lansink s ladder involve
11  cards
Changing Places - Key Terms
61  cards
CHanging Places - What is Place
What are the 3 aspects of place,
What are the 3 theoretical approa...
2  cards
Changin plAces - Importance of place
What does yi fu tuan say about at...,
What influences our attachment to...,
What are the 3 aspects that impor...
11  cards
Changing pLace - Insiders and outsiders
What does tim cresswell argue abo...,
Examples of out of place actions,
Who may make other people feel ou...
4  cards
Changing Pka es - Media and experienced
Problems affecting rural living,
What are some images routinely as...
2  cards
Changing places - how and why pkaces change
How have social constructionists ...,
What factors tend to have the big...,
What factors may cause changes on...
6  cards
Changing Places - Case Study: Brick Lane
What is the location of brick lane 2,
What is brick lanes locale 5,
What are the 3 demographic charac...
30  cards
Changing places - how and why places chanhe
What are some factors that could ...,
What can connecting to one s surr...,
What are the three different ways...
9  cards
Changing Places: Qualitative and Quantitative Skills - Key Words
Qualitative data,
Quantitative data,
13  cards
Changing Places - Case Study: Harrogate
What is causing conflict in harro...,
How are new housing plans causing...,
Evidence for conflict over new ho...
20  cards
Global Governance
What are the 4 dimensions of glob...,
What are the 5 factors in globali...,
What does the world trade organis...
3  cards
Global Governance - Key Terms
Transnational corporations tncs
4  cards
CUE - Social and Economic Issues: Cultural Diversity
4 reasons immigrants are more lik...,
What are the benefits of cultural...,
Give examples of the benefits of ...
22  cards
GG: Global governance
Define global governance,
Give 7 international issues that ...,
What is a norm
22  cards
CUE - Urban Drainage: Cheonggyecheon River Restoration Project CS
Where is the cheonggyecheon river,
What is the population of seoul,
What is the population density of...
17  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Importance in human affairs
Urbanisation and its importance in human affairs.
5  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Consequences of urbanisation and urban growth
What have the 3 strategies to tac...,
What are the 6 consequences of ur...,
List 7 negative impacts of urban ...
49  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Urban policy and regeneration
What are the 3 urban policies tha...,
What urban policy was used in bri...,
What urban policy was used in bri...
19  cards
CUE - Urbanisation: Urban policy key terms
Bottom up,
5  cards
CUE - Urban forms
What is the hierarchy of world ci...,
What are the different types of h...,
Characteristics of world cities
28  cards
CUE - Urban forms: Key terms
World city,
Edge city,
Fortress landscapes
5  cards
CUE - Case Study: Rio
4  cards

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